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A bit short notice but .....



A must attend for all boaties, especially our racing sailors!  


WHERE: Logan Lounge, Ponsonby Cruising Club
WHEN: Tuesday September 4th, 7pm to 9pm


The kitchen will be opening at 6pm. Enjoy a curry before the talk and demonstrations. 


Come and set off some flares and learn about the latest in life jackets, personal EPIRBs, life rafts, Man Over Board procedures and VHF protocols etc. with Sean Patterson from MARITIME NZ and Tristan Campbell from SAFETY AT SEA.

(NOTE: We are still working through obtaining permission for the flares but it is looking positive - it will be good to see the reality of setting off flares as well as the effectiveness of different types of flares.)

The kitchen will be open from 6pm and of course the bar will be open.

There is NO charge and non-members are very welcome!

We encourage all our sailors to attend this evening. Please pass on the invitation to everyone that sails on your boat whether cruising or racing!


RSVP encouraged: info@pcc.org.nz

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Interesting talk last night.


The flare show was even better...  ;-)

Surprising how dangerous flares are when you let one rip in person ay?

Were you allowed to let of rocket flares, or was it too close to too many expensive boats and the cars on the motorway etc?


Anyone would think, with advances in modern technology, there would be a better alternative than explosives and pyrotechnics with limit shelf life and high renewal costs.

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