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  1. You can get sky (sport) for a month for $40, no decoder req, I've been casting to the tv but I'm sure you could do the same from your phone. It's good as you can scroll back through the schedule and watch anything you want at any time. Apart from the fact I seriously begrudge paying sky a single penny it's been really good (we got it this month and will keep it for the Olympics) Or you can save $40 and watch on tv1, the fee is having to put up with Toni Street... https://www.tvnz.co.nz/shows/tokyo-2020
  2. muzled

    Cool Boat

    Coolness doesn't come cheap does it! Wonder what the faster boats he talked about were. Sunfast or pogo?
  3. So what's the next step in the evolution of this idea? Crossing the Tasman...???
  4. Not really Waiheke but a big slap in the face for Stuart Nash. https://www.newsroom.co.nz/court-overturns-ministers-decision-on-tarakihi-fishing-limits The High Court has found that the former minister of fisheries, Stuart Nash, incorrectly set the catch limit on Tarakihi by taking into account industry proposals over official advice. “When deciding how long a fish stock should take to recover, the minister should consider the biology of the fish, not a voluntary industry plan,” the court said.
  5. Imagine Dalton is doing his very best to protect what I imagine is a very healthy salary for himself and a bunch of others (no one can blame him for that really). Also guess he's doing exactly what he's told with the options he's been presented by Emirates/Ratcliffe. Option A- you and your team keep earning megabucks and we race in the solent as per sir jimbos request. Option B - you race in Auckland. Good luck, you'll probably need it. (and we'll most likely race on the solent in 4 years time)
  6. Funny how the opinion trolls in the herald don't mention dropping a roading project. The Herald is the kiwi equivalent of The Sun minus page 3...
  7. while we're at it might as well cut pen link out as well and easily have a billion...
  8. Looks like they should be in in a matter of hours, pretty smooth passage? Guess they'll be straight to quarantine and the next episode will tell how the passage went. Are you the agent helping them out MH?
  9. Been watching their vids for a year or two, they're quite funny at times.
  10. That looks off the beaten path!
  11. Pumping! I happened to look at the live cam about 2.30 yday and saw them towing in. Productivity halted...
  12. This looks quite interesting. https://www.yachtingworld.com/races/how-to-follow-the-ocean-race-europe-131973 VO65's and IMOCA 60's, both fully crewed. Leg 1: Lorient, France – Cascais, Portugal Leg 2: Cascais, Portugal – Alicante Spain Leg 3: Alicante Spain – Genova, Italy Designed and built for the Volvo Ocean Race, the VO65 has been used in the last two editions of the crewed round the world race. The VO65 are a fleet of pure one design boats, meaning each boat is identical, making gains more a matter of crew performance over and above technical developments. Havin
  13. That's an awesome photo of the wharf! I spent 4 years going over Brophy's hill in a skool bus many years ago and I don't recall ever seeing the bay break right across like that. The boats moored at front beach would have had an interesting time.
  14. Hard not to get excited about a system like that hey lateral, esp when it sits and churns for several days, how often does that happen! Whangapoua on the coro won't be any good, s.e bowls straight in there, few miles east will be worth a look though. Northport wave buoy showing a lift already - https://northport.co.nz/weatherfeed Best place to be tomorrow will be 45mins west of Hamilton, 16s period swell, perfect offshore and every man and his dog heading east.
  15. There you go, never heard of that breaking. Pity about the wind really, going to bugger up a lot of places. Imagine half of gissy and 90% of towelranga will be battling to find a park at Motu rivermouth.
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