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  1. A friend has a HR46 he sailed back from Europe. I sent him the link to that Finot Conq 53 'cruiser' IT put up y.day and he had a one word reply - French. As he says, an HR will get you there and back in style and comfort. It's a pity you need to sell the firstborn to afford one.
  2. don't normally read fb much and I know the fact that it's posted by Chloe Swarbrick will have multiple eyes rolling in peoples head, but... WTF are the developers on to actively get offside with even more people than they're offside with already. They might have the consents required but if they are actually breaking them at the first step as she suggests then surely you're putting the whole project at risk? Chlöe Swarbrick Have got word from Protect Kennedy Point peaceful occupiers on the ground/moana that developer works are firing up to dismantle th
  3. Hadn't looked for a few days but she's left NP and has rounded Cape Reinga. Should be a quick run down with the northerly kicking in tomorrow. https://forecast.predictwind.com/tracking/display/VoyageforVOYCE
  4. muzled


    Fogg, please. That's a simplistic view at best. I lived in Basingstoke and commuted to the Oxford street for a while, and had a cousin that lived further south than that and commuted into the city for years. The difference is that although it's still a haul it's a feasible exercise because there are regular trains. They also have the population to make it feasible to run those trains, we don't. (and that's not even starting on the dificulties Auckland has being on an isthmus let alone decades of 'lets just build more roads'). Also, it's quite easy for one person to live near thei
  5. Ari Husela looks like he's crossing the line right about now. It's been fun watching it, when does the next one start?
  6. Excellent interview with Isabelle Joschke. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/22331/isabelle-joschke-i-just-want-to-enjoy-this-sunny-day-to-feel-and-enjoy-the-stillness-under-my-feet-right-now-nothing-more Those boats sound like a nightmare to jybe. A tightly matched fleet That was super exhilarating and exciting, Every 4 hours there you had new standings, there was a new verdict. But at the same time I found it hard, sometimes I found it very hard in the manoeuvres. I felt I couldn't always run them together. In the gybes I could see I was losing ground. I was frustrated and
  7. muzled

    Dream boat

    Did you go up and view it before you bought it Fogg? Interested in how difficult it was to get a good survey and get it home etc. Assume you shipped it home?
  8. muzled

    Dream boat

    I'm also questioning the singularity (is that even a word?) of that statement wheels. I've got about 6 or 8 dreamboats on my list at all times...
  9. muzled

    Dream boat

    Already paid (see Q&A in listing) (price might come down if it's not sold in 6 months) what motor and how hp and hours has tax been paidcollhbell(13) • 03:27 pm, Sat, 13 Feb O Volvo Penta 29hp, Hours TBC, All taxes paid.
  10. Assume you're talking about Cruising Kiwi's as the family? There is Parlay Revival which is a kiwi guy who bought a cat after Hurricane Katrina had blown through, he's quite interesting, works and an inganeer on superyachts to make extra money but also rebuilt Parlay.
  11. Nova 28? Prob the smallest 28ft'er around but good little boats. If you're not in any hurry I'd wait until winter has set in when people haven't used the boat for 3 months and summer still seems like a ways off and they really want to get rid of it. Keep in mind budget creep, I sold the idea of buying a boat to my non sailing partner with a budget of 20K max. 36K later...
  12. omg, now Hermann who is vying for the win after time corrections has hit a fishing boat! At 1950hrs UTC this evening while racing in third place, some 90 miles from the Vendée Globe finish line off Les Sables d’Olonne German skipper Boris Herrmann (Seaexplorer-Yacht Club de Monaco) was in collision with a fishing boat. He reports damage to his starboard foil and some other damage but he is unharmed and has secured the boat and is proceeding towards the finish line at reduced speed.
  13. there are a couple of live feeds - https://www.facebook.com/VendeeGlobe/videos/251296613064441 Apparently Dalins port foil has been roped up since before the Falklands.
  14. It's unbelievably close, and there are still time reductions for Hermann and Bestaven to come into play so Dalin might cross the line first but not win. It'll be interesting to see if the gamble to go north for the 3 boats up there pays off. Yesterday they were predicting Dalin and Burton to finish 54 minutes apart.
  15. should have put those fenders on the bow...
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