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Sale of Marina Land Stopped (Apparently)

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So we battle on and in doing so we'll have some biggish news to announce shortly, next Wednesday probably.


Technical checking means a small delay, probably 2 weeks now.


If you play golf it may pay to check your local course to see if it is still one, Panuku want 1/2 of Aucklands gone, city centre ish and closer in ones at least. They want to sell them to pet developers. 

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The multi-millionare proponents of controversial Auckland marina housing plans want the council to push ahead and make money from selling the land.


On Tuesday, property and development manager for Herbert's Empire Capital, David Boersen, told Auckland councillors "the people of Auckland need and expect more from these spaces".


"These spaces need investments to deliver this development and public transport outcomes to enable place making and also to facilitate the ongoing growth of Auckland," he said.


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Simon Herbert bought the 570 berth Pine Harbour Marina for $22 million, 3 years ago.
He also owns Bayswater, Hobsonville and Gulf Harbour, and now wants to put 200 apartments at each site!



Where he should be is in jail, along with those responsible for allowing an anti competitive monopoly to develop with ownership of the majority of Auckland and environs marinas being owned by one pr#ck.


Just absolutely unbelievable this was allowed to happen.  LOCK HIM UP.

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Herbert does not own Gulf Harbour.

Covington Group Mr Speedy.

These marina owners purchased not primarilay for the berth rental return as this just sees off the cost of debt with a little left over.

The jewel is the land and as Pine Harbour is consented without the need to deal with Panuku the next phase is to Trojan Horse Hobsonville.

Empire Capital throw out the most intensive worst case scenario and then deal back from there.

They will then wait for the cheap seat clamouring to quite before announcing something along the lines,

Panuku and Empire Capital are pleased to announce that the recent controversy over the proposed Hobsonville Marina residential development has been amicably resolved.

Empire Capital have offered to shoulder the entire costs of a 10sqm residential care facility for retired Leprechaun sailors with dementia. This world class designed 20 storey development built right to the waters edge so as to not place the public at risk will incorporate a expansive residential dementia care facility for Leprechaun sailors who have retired from nautical activities and seek to see out their days in the welcome shade of Hobsonville Mega Towers .

Panuku CEO David Rankin stated that this is a win win outcome for all involved and sees this as a ground breaking opportunity to further develop the remaining marina land in the Auckland region.

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Hall Farm West, North Auckland.

KGA undertook a geotechnical investigation for a rural residential subdivision on highly undulating land. Geomorphological mapping and aerial photograph interpretation identified many areas of instability including large scale block slide movement. There were also spoil tips from the motorway construction.

Well that bodes well does it not.

Does the OIO ever decline foreign purchase applications or is it just a welcoming rubber stamp organisation for profit hungry aliens.


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After being defeated at Westpark, looks like Simon Herbert is pushing ahead at Bayswater to "add more value"...

$300m Bayswater Marina housing project launched

Plans to develop part of a site beside an existing Auckland marina and ferry terminal have been downsized from 250 to 121 dwellings after strong local opposition.

Marina owner Simon Herbert's business has applied to Auckland Council to develop 94 terraced homes and 27 apartments in three buildings at Bayswater Marina in a new scheme thought to be worth about $300 million.

Around 350 people could live on the site under the revised plan, the application says.



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