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Engine Selection and replacement

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Nothing (yet). The standard Alternator is now 115A, and produces its power at way lower revs than before - about 35A at idle. Its quite an improvement over the old standard systems. However, its still not a smart charger - not multi stage. I will upgrade the reg at some point, to a good smart multi stage reg, but my next job is to design and fabricate a bracket for the fridge/freezer compressor....

I have wind and solar charging on IT as well, so the alt reg can wait for a bit.

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Great info thank you. We swapped out our Yanmar 2 cylinder 18hp for 3ym20 when we brought our boat some years ago. Has been a wonderful little engine and never regretted spending the money going new verse wasting it on a rebuild (done that once before on previous boat)

Out of interest as you don't mention it, what is the warranty situation given you have done the installation and commisioning yourself?

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Started making the compressor bracket today. Cant finish it until I get the extra crank front pulley so I can get the alignment right, but its coming along



Made from the bracket off the old engine...


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