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I have same delemma. Engine driven compressor needs to be reinstalled plumbed to condenser, and upgraded cabinet. Have all the hardware just no time.
Been liviving out of Engel 40l, and use the old box with ice.
The cost of labour to recommission engine driven would be more than an
80l Engel.

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If you are going 12 v don’t get a heat/cool type they are useless. I have had plenty of Engel waeco type 12 v compressor fridges and they have all been great and trouble free even some that are over

i purchased a waeco CFX 40 as a back up extra fridge, works a treat, very easy on the power

I have a Waeco CFX 35 on board and it seems to work well.

+1 on the CFX-40

Did 2 weeks last summer with one of these on the 930, with 170 watts of available solar and 196 amps of deep cycle batteries.

Started with all the meat packed in and frozen while on 240v at home, drove to BOI with it running on 12v in the ute, chucked it in the boat and buggered off.

Ran it on -18deg C during the day and switched it off at night. came home with still frozen meat.

And during the day, as the food ran down I replaced the gaps with water bottles and beers. They went from bilge temp to frosty in an hour...

One day I'll have a grown ups boat with charging systems and inoard/icebox and I reckon I'll still rock the Waeco!

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I put electric into my 1020 a few years ago,  but did the cabinet at the same time and had the copper fused to the back of the stainless,  worked exceptionally, and was great as i had shore power so ice stayed there 24/7  but be aware you cannot reuse the existing stainless box if it has been for a compressor as you need to remove the brine tanks,  this could have been 5k on its own, luckily I didn't have brine tanks so reused and the whole job was about 4k including a digital controller so the freezer stayed at -15 constantly.  used about 3amps an hour for 100litres so was pretty efficient.  New boat has compressor,  no where near as good as i have to start the motor even when it is sunny!

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Fridge tech kit retrofitted to the original freezer compartment in 2015 plus a couple of solar panels, I left it on until 2018 when I turned it off for a few months. It just did 4 months in Fiji at minus 17 or so, we brought a couple of sausage packs back. It's on now turned down to fridge temp so there's a cold beer ready when we get back to the BOI.

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