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  1. You are way out. I am a liveaboard in Mahurangi and a few years ago started a list of the live aboard that I came across. At that time there was 7 myself included in the Mahurangi. Hard to work out in Kawau but there are people living and moving through there. And they come though the Mahurangi as well. In the last year or so the numbers has ballooned and my last count was 46 in the waters that I travel most. Around the Weiti and other placers the waters are infested with us. mostly gray hairs like my own self.
  2. This boat drove past me on my mooring last week at Jamieson bay in the Maharangi. Had a young bloke about late 20's driving. from the flying deck. don't know where it went after that but have passed on the message to a couple off mates that are in the area.
  3. Chloe

    sea fleas

  4. Chloe


    I have a 60L cfx and run it continuously for the last 4 years. At -6. whether I'm on the boat or not. Best thing since forever would not bother with engine driven stuff they have had there day in my opinion.
  5. They have always been rubbish, we used to think they where the bee's knee back in the 60s and they where. So long as you toke a bunch of spear plugs,ten gallons of fuel for the mile shear pins, and last but not least another spear engine and oars. If they where such hot stuff none of the other manufacturers would have got a look in. They where made in mother Britten, Engines for butter and sheep.
  6. Thanks people will have a chat to mate.
  7. This seal has been seen up north, and other placers. What I would like to know, has it destroyed inflatables in those other placers as well. Or is it just a Westhaven thing. Mate has inflatable tied to back of his boat, and just wondering, if seal comes north to Mahurangi, is there a chance that the ding gets the bite.
  8. Eye don't beleave for one minute that the seal is playing with the inflatable boats. Eye beleave that it's is using the compressed air to floss it's teeth. If the marina was to set up a compressed air lead some place. that the little beasty can access it,will leave the dings alone. And have good teeth health and live a long and happy life.
  9. Chloe

    Heat exchanger

    Yep. Just type Bowman heat exchanges into uncle.
  10. the unobtanium done it for me. got my vote.
  11. We had some good winds up in the Mahurangi, last 2 days nothing like that though. friend went for a quick look around the harbour this morning and reported that all looked good to him.
  12. Thanks for that. that would make sense he probably bringing the stuff back to the farm for dumping.
  13. I am aware that that was the proposal and indeed i believe that did happen. However I have been staying in the Mahurangi lately and have observed the barge leaving the harbour daily in the morn and returning in the afternoon. Roughly 10 hour trip about the time it would take to go? Pushing a barge.
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