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looks like a nice boat, has been forsale off and on for a while, price is coming down, will

need a 12mtr berth tho, unless you got a mooring, lots of boats out there been sitting on the

market and not selling, its been a buyers market for a long time, i purchased Whitepointer 6

years ago and some boats on the market then are still forsale

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My last boat was a Beale 38

Put it on trademe on a Sunday, sold on Thursday

4 days done


11.2 don’t have much room forward and are an earlier design, after the 35 but before the 38 and 42 Mythos being later still and probably the best imho

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Agree on the headroom forward but the trade off is a nice foredeck and a very nice profile, appears quite a slippery boat in the light.


Main is a little full but material in good shape may get the luff hollowed, anyways I have committed and subject to survey she will hopefully move to Bayswater.

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Thank you Wally

:-(  :-( 


Yes she is a great boat.

I owned her for 7 years and gave her a complete renovation when I bought her -including  new rudder, prod, complete repaint, rewired, replumbed, park bench boom, removed traveller etc. etc

The current owner similarly did a lot to her - removed teak decks and lots of other things


She is a great load carrier and surprisingly quick - Phil won the Coastal in her


I hope you enjoy her as much as we did



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