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  1. Well sh*t, thats very sad news. Seemed like a good guy with lots of knowledge, my condolences.
  2. Prolly holding back to see how much they are worth, hell if it meant a pay check where you wouldn’t have work too hard the rest of your life……. Teams would be willing to have a bidding war over that sort of talent a la Coutts and Butterworth……
  3. I'm guessing one hell of a P habit and easy pickings. The plus appears they didn't get time to drink it. What needs to happen is just one of these mf's need to be caught by the boaties in the act, and handed to the police after we've all had a little chat.....they might be thankful the police are actually pretty reasonable guys.
  4. Yep talked to a couple of pros yesterday and Farecla has their vote as well, investigating further.
  5. The boats coming out for antifoul, so may as well tackle topsides while I'm at it. The last time I cut and polished a boat was years ago, is anything that makes the job a little easier these days? I used to use 3M and a vari speed polisher anything better now?
  6. Used a rudder bearing with a few shims removed on a carbon 40ftr with retractable canting sprit in the States had an internal 3/4 high bulkhead with Harken track mounted on top to control the aft end of the sprit- worked well.
  7. Hey Nathan what sort of boat and what is the core would be my first two questions. I have dealt with a few new decks- one thing I have learnt is it can get expensive fast. Recently dealt with a boat that had all the teak removed and a layer of meranti ply epoxied over the core- the core that the teak was originally screwed to. In that case the core should have been removed at the time because the core was sodden from all the screw penetrations -the core in that instance was tanalized ply. And before you go removing all fittings remember photos and measurements are important.
  8. One pole driven into the mud cost about 5 K, nowdays its a matter of finding someone with the platform and the skills to put a pole, a mooring or a buoy in at exact coordinates and sign off on it. There are only a few guys and lotsa work, lets face it no ones gonna get keen to tug a platform out to Izzy Bay just to replace one buoy when there is serious money in replacing infrastructure like the Westhaven block the entrance and extend things. What the Harbourmaster probably needs is his own crew of guys and a platform, I doubt if Goff and the boys are prepared to spend it, unfortunat
  9. Been on the hard at GH a long time.
  10. Brokers will not generally recommend any surveyor due in large part to liability, any broker usually does have a handful of cardholders topped up regularly by surveyors. Obviously any hardball surveyor that is too nitpicky or regularly blows a sale will find it harder, but actually they are doing their jobs and signing their name on the documents, its that important. Most surveys the owner pays for the lift and hold, most yards require the vessel be pressure washed , which let's be realistic allows the surveyor to do his job, the potential purchaser pays for the survey. Any ow
  11. Just a pity they don't seem to like taking enough lifejackets or putting a phone in a ziplock bag.
  12. Agree with all above and will add moving the winches aft may create a lead angle being interferred with by the vessels curve aft, check before moving anything there is likely a very good reason they are where they are.
  13. Well "passed on the oar" can be read two ways, both have nautical implications.
  14. Rats


    San Fran, cross trees? Do you mean spreaders? the statement doesn't make things clear, where does the wire start and where does it end? You mention chainplates so we are talking a cap shroud, an intermediate a lower.......? And yes I agree with IT, it doesn't matter if the worlds best rigger put it in, its your job to make sure its done right coz the rigger ain't gonna be around when the sh*t hits the fan. The only way you are going to know if the split pin is properly installed is to do some study or talk with a rigger, some riggers are helpful others have not got enou
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