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  1. Rats

    Good idea?

    The amount spent on reversing everything would make the idea moot and you would have all of the uglier sides up, can't. imagine it being a good look.
  2. Rats

    Boat Names

    There was a 50 ftr in the States, the story goes when he told his wife he was going to build another race boat a huge row broke out. He named the boat FUJIMO, stands for F... U Jane I'm Moving Out.
  3. Ok that makes sense I would have thought a great circle route would allow him to get closer to his target while getting south. Hence the confusion.
  4. Have seen the boat on the hard at Little Shoal Bay, hard to tell if you're coming or going..........😀
  5. Yep did my blind nav for YM Offshore many moons ago in the Solent, it was shall we say challenging , had to know Morse and Flags too and no I'm not that old.....
  6. With a few pearler sailing days mixed in that unfortunately all occurred during lockdown.....grrrr.
  7. Talking with Matt on this very subject, have a 1220 and Voltage and Ammeter look like they a finally giving up have cleaned contacts etc. Long short I have ordered a Victron BMV 712 Smart at Matt's suggestion looks smart pardon the pun. https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2017/09/18/bmv-712-smart-battery-monitor-with-bluetooth-built-in/
  8. Know of one couple, both very experienced sailors too by the way, turned back at North Head by the able crew on DoDuh, seems as if the no sailing thing is being taken quite seriously.
  9. Brings back some memories had Cherub "Phred "sail 1934 , for many years boat was always a kick in the pants. Didn't have assy poles back then we carried 9ft spin pole in hoops on the boom!
  10. Shouting at a passing ferry to throw them lifejackets demonstrates such a well thought out safety plan, we should invoice the obviously ignorant and of course the stupid..
  11. Have a LF boom and electric winch setup, I would not do it any other way, its not idiot proof but then again I'm not generally considered an idiot when it comes to sailing my boat. Yes watch the battens and yes go head to wind to raise and lower.
  12. Don't know if its been covered before but there has been cases of several Fergi buoys that were not properly set up regarding mooring lines and swivels with the result being the fergi buoy bobbing and weaving in the water actually unlaid 3 strand nylon leading to failure, think most pros are on to it now but it will pay to make sure the fergi is to be properly installed beforehand.
  13. Yep open the window or step onto the driveway and do a 360. Thanks all for the input Thinking Metvue looks like the first with Windy and Predictwind a tied second an CG Nowcasting a third, sorta maybe a crapshoot. If three give the same forecast go buy a lotto ticket. 🙄
  14. Finally have the boat now so just getting back up to speed with which weather forecasting app is the easiest and most accurate, Yes I do understand that in NZ weather forecasting is a a job where you can be wrong 50% of the time and still have a job. Windy, Coast Guard Nowcasting, Windguru? Any one else? Based in GH Any input will be appreciated.
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