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  1. Agree with all above and will add moving the winches aft may create a lead angle being interferred with by the vessels curve aft, check before moving anything there is likely a very good reason they are where they are.
  2. Well "passed on the oar" can be read two ways, both have nautical implications.
  3. Rats


    San Fran, cross trees? Do you mean spreaders? the statement doesn't make things clear, where does the wire start and where does it end? You mention chainplates so we are talking a cap shroud, an intermediate a lower.......? And yes I agree with IT, it doesn't matter if the worlds best rigger put it in, its your job to make sure its done right coz the rigger ain't gonna be around when the sh*t hits the fan. The only way you are going to know if the split pin is properly installed is to do some study or talk with a rigger, some riggers are helpful others have not got enou
  4. Hopefully you remembered to throw the breaker before tightening things up, that can be a learning experience as well.
  5. Yeah the shaft and the old worn gear I have, the shaft micces out at 23mm diameter so definitely old school built to last not like the shite that has obsolescence designed into the lifecycle. Don't know what the new stuff has size wise but I'm sure I would be disappointed.
  6. Just been through this, the slow up was due to a heavily worn bronze gear teeth on the primary shaft of the Windlass The Windlass was a Maxwell Nilsson originally installed in the late 1980's. The boat a Farr 1220. I approached Maxwell they wanted nothing to do with it, much better luck with James Nilsson located on Hillside Rd, Glenfield. Bought the whole unit to them and they essentially serviced it and rebuilt it, they noted a couple of keyway keys that were stainless steel, they suggested replacing them with bronze which would fail before transferring load damage further d
  7. Rats


    Why the the powers that be didn't do a right turn and head north at the bottom of the Victoria St tunnel go under the Harbour and exit between the motorway and Barry's Point Road is beyond me. We do have some PC bureaucratic dickwads that exhibit such short term thinking its criminal. Quick put a band aid on it and declare the problem fixed, nobody will notice. We need infrastructure designed for 20 years not 5 and the dumbnuts that think we will all be electric soon, where are we going to get the power required to charge a nation of electric cars. Oopsie we haven't addressed that i
  8. Rats

    Dinghy choice

    Seafarers are built by the guy that used to own/design/build Southern Pacific before they got absorbed by the Safety at sea/ Kiwi yachting entities actually he was there in the early Safety at Sea days. They rebuilt a batch of poorly built Aquapros for Aquapro because the quality out of China was shite as I recall. Seafarer build a good quality product quality German materials and welded not glued seams. if I was in the market for a new dinghy he would be my first call, has a factory up at Diary Flat so not too far away.
  9. Yacht racing has and always will descend into an arms race, IOR, IMS "what do you mean I can't have a carbon fibre table?".....PHRF, Americas Cup "Define Cunningham old chap"- you name it, there is always some ass pushing the performance limits and pushing against the limits imposed in the name of fair play and fair competition. Run what ya brung but if ya bring an empty carbon shell to compete against a fleet of 6 knot 40 year old sh*t boxes don't whine if the RC suggest a handicap might be in the interest of fair play. Elvstrom said it best "You haven't won the race, if in winnin
  10. Rats

    Boat rage

    Hey dinghy driver meet Karma, Karma can be a bitch. Honestly some people don't deserve to have dinghy let alone a boat, what a twat.
  11. Rats

    Wind data history

    NIWA has all sorts of data you can poll, its a cumbersome website to use and you have to be very specific or else it spits out garbage. It will depend upon where geographically, you need the info for and what you are trying to prove, whether a wind or rain event for instance. Additionally some stations gather complete data while others will collect say rainfall only. You can poll time ranges and dates to and from, actual wind direction and use several stations.
  12. If the ferry had been two feet to the left they would have taken the rig out at the gooseneck and saved them having to pull the rig for the dangly top bit. What on earth makes people think they can win against a vessel like a ferry, stay out of their way.
  13. Think this one has a fore aft hydraulic ram with a cam if I recall.
  14. Agree Doc, have to ask, is this Pogo your new toy? Shaggybaxter over on SA has one he was close to selling.
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