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  1. Yacht racing has and always will descend into an arms race, IOR, IMS "what do you mean I can't have a carbon fibre table?".....PHRF, Americas Cup "Define Cunningham old chap"- you name it, there is always some ass pushing the performance limits and pushing against the limits imposed in the name of fair play and fair competition. Run what ya brung but if ya bring an empty carbon shell to compete against a fleet of 6 knot 40 year old sh*t boxes don't whine if the RC suggest a handicap might be in the interest of fair play. Elvstrom said it best "You haven't won the race, if in winnin
  2. Rats

    Boat rage

    Hey dinghy driver meet Karma, Karma can be a bitch. Honestly some people don't deserve to have dinghy let alone a boat, what a twat.
  3. NIWA has all sorts of data you can poll, its a cumbersome website to use and you have to be very specific or else it spits out garbage. It will depend upon where geographically, you need the info for and what you are trying to prove, whether a wind or rain event for instance. Additionally some stations gather complete data while others will collect say rainfall only. You can poll time ranges and dates to and from, actual wind direction and use several stations.
  4. If the ferry had been two feet to the left they would have taken the rig out at the gooseneck and saved them having to pull the rig for the dangly top bit. What on earth makes people think they can win against a vessel like a ferry, stay out of their way.
  5. Think this one has a fore aft hydraulic ram with a cam if I recall.
  6. Agree Doc, have to ask, is this Pogo your new toy? Shaggybaxter over on SA has one he was close to selling.
  7. A GME 403 the orange one, is essentially obsolete- bravo on finding some cheap replacement batteries but one has to wonder how do you value life especially at sea? Why would you not invest in a GPS capable EPIRB, Accuracy improves from 4 sq miles to often less than 100 metres which is comforting to know when you have hit the big red button WHILE stepping up into a life raft more especially so if you are treading water. Plenty of time to ponder how much you saved on batteries for an obsolete EPIRB. THERE SHOULD BE NO SHORT CUTS ON SAFETY. Someone on site found a brand new G
  8. Rats

    Good idea?

    The amount spent on reversing everything would make the idea moot and you would have all of the uglier sides up, can't. imagine it being a good look.
  9. Rats

    Boat Names

    There was a 50 ftr in the States, the story goes when he told his wife he was going to build another race boat a huge row broke out. He named the boat FUJIMO, stands for F... U Jane I'm Moving Out.
  10. Ok that makes sense I would have thought a great circle route would allow him to get closer to his target while getting south. Hence the confusion.
  11. Have seen the boat on the hard at Little Shoal Bay, hard to tell if you're coming or going..........😀
  12. Yep did my blind nav for YM Offshore many moons ago in the Solent, it was shall we say challenging , had to know Morse and Flags too and no I'm not that old.....
  13. With a few pearler sailing days mixed in that unfortunately all occurred during lockdown.....grrrr.
  14. Talking with Matt on this very subject, have a 1220 and Voltage and Ammeter look like they a finally giving up have cleaned contacts etc. Long short I have ordered a Victron BMV 712 Smart at Matt's suggestion looks smart pardon the pun. https://www.victronenergy.com/blog/2017/09/18/bmv-712-smart-battery-monitor-with-bluetooth-built-in/
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