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  1. The vessel is a Boston Whaler Conquest 305 and it would appear the boat is built like the proverbial brick out house considering the relative damage to the vessel compared to that of the ferry. I am guessing there may be some delamination below that gel coat though.
  2. I find it ironic that they want to ping us the responsible boat owners while ignoring the commercial shipping coming and going with infestations on a hull 50-100 times the size of your average yacht. And they dump ballast water spreading the crap far faster than we could ever do. Not helped by the commercial pressures applied by commercial operators to continue to operate in council environments. I'm thinking it would be better to target the commercial end users; lets face it there are tens of thousands of them so paying cents on the dollar wouldn't be a big deal. The aver
  3. Rats

    Bit Windy

    That Westhaven microburst clip if you look at the upper right you see a 140’ sailing yacht get its spreaders wet. The force of the hit broke several dock lines. One person on board , an engineer as I recall got the vessel off the dock and anchored in the fairway while they sorted things out.
  4. Ingrate. Deserves a visit from Karma.
  5. Hey Guys Went with HDI Marine in Vancouver WA USA received. the replacement part and gasket today Good quality in Stainless identical to original cast not Stainless. Ordered 28th Jan arrived today 3 Feb picked the second or third shipping option which was USD 76 total cost including shipping almost exactly 400 NZD total, very Happy. Ovlov wanted 767 NZD for a replacement non stainless part. Seriously, why would you.
  6. Possibly Banks Peninsula : The thriving “Bay Harbour” community of Brookhaven to Akaroa
  7. Hey guys awaiting some local fab shop prices. HDI from the link above appears Canadian?? Right??
  8. Thanks Sloop and everyone else for your well considered replies. I am leaning toward a stainless replacement, will get some quotes together and see where to from here. MCP that website is a good find a stainless elbow at £225 works out to NZD 430 plus the shipping and handling will look into that furher.
  9. Ran the engine- a Volvo D2-40 and got the overheat alarm so ended up daisychaining up the system, water pump good, heat exchanger slightly blocked now removed and cleaned but when I checked the exhaust elbow too it was half blocked with cruddy calsified carbon. Soaked it overnight in acetone but appears to have done sweet FA Ovlov want moonbeams for a replacement ($ 767.00) surprising no one here, but I'm thinking the elbow is really a flawed design and I'll be faced with another elbow a few years down the track. As most of you know the heat exchanger raw salt water enters the
  10. We sought shelter in Orokawa Bay in BOI for those couple of days, gave good shelter and flat water but it was blowing dogs off chains there, I could not contemplate going out for a fishing trip it was not pretty. Another thing, I wonder if these guys where reporting "apparent wind" at the time of the incident, they were running under power with the breeze and the survivors reporting the breeze had dropped to around 10 knots which would make sense if you're travelling 15-20 knots in those conditions. Turn that vessel into the breeze and its a completely different story as many of us
  11. There was a number of very well put together racing yachts called Merrythought out of Annapolis owned by Jack King the biggest I recall was about 62ft they raced East Coat of US and Caribbean , including Pineapple Cup, don't know if this one is from the same stable but it was a very good well run program, that might be a good place to start. Most of the 50's had a single large diameter wheel for helm, this twin wheel setup maybe a subsequent improvement. The boats were light and fundementally empty inside good inshore coastal racing but would probably need more work to survive a bad
  12. Rats

    Trailer Winches

    Be careful, some of the loads can get dramatic. Had my neighbor recently winching a Bonito powerboat onto a trailer and the hook at the end connecting the wire to the boat failed suddenly, the recoil from the wire pierced his artery on his winching arm just below his shoulder. Fortunately a Dr nearby- he ended up in a chopper to Middlemore. from Omaha! When it's getting harder to winch- its not necessarily a good idea to winch harder- a lower friction solution like IT is suggesting might be wise.
  13. Mostly I agree, My understanding of the primary purpose of the tissue behind the Gel coat was to prevent "print" of the fiberglass substrate through the gel coat layer, print is where in a certain light you could see the pattern of the fiberglass mat used in the layup through the outer gel coat layer, although I agree it could also provide a barrier to the somewhat porous gel coat allowing moisture to wick into the substrate over time. I would add sometimes you do have to dig deeper for instance the epoxy versions of Hanses are only epoxy below the waterline the early ones were polyester
  14. I like my manual inflatable harness combo and find it provides much more freedom than a bulky life jacket. I do not wear it always but certainly if I have to leave the safety of the cockpit in more sporty conditions. Like everything out of sight is out of mind- the CO2 cartridges need regularly checked as do the little plastic sacrificial bit designed to provide resistance to a accidental discharge-the auto ones have have a soluble trigger device, you would be amazed at the state some of these bits can get to and the vest still look 'normal' Used to service all manner of them an
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