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  1. I have a tracer, from AA solar, 8 yrs old and still works well, burnsco do Renogy which seem well priced
  2. OK, that's the same circuit diagram I viewed on cruiser forum last night, back on the boat tmoro to progress this project
  3. Another question, instructions with blue seas ACR combiner , they suggest running alternator b+ to house bank, then through ACR to start batteries, reason is to stop chattering of the ACR due to difference in bank capacities, creates more cost for another 4mtrs of 50mm wire plus crimps etc, this would enable deleting the alt b+ to starter cable, Bosch alt is neg from case so will be running a 50mm wire from case to eng block , then to negative bus at batteries, house bank is 2 6volt, 235 amps, so not large, do I need to go this way or stick with existing alt+ to starter/ start battery,
  4. Boat already had a separate wire, approx 25mm direct from alt to start battery via isolation switch, also an older battery isolater between start and hose bank, so with alt upgrade to 120 amp I thought I would upsize to 50mm, im also now using a blue seas VSR, so yes a think I will keep the alt b+ to starter wire aswell
  5. Steelliots Ltd at half-moon bay marina worth a call 0276054340
  6. I am upsizing the positive wire from alt to start battery to 50mm, for the 3.5 mtr run, also alt to engine block negative to 50mm, so do I still need the original small gauge positive wire from alt to starter, it would be nice to remove it to tidy things up , between battery banks im using a blue seas combiner/ vsr
  7. I am only charging 2 endurant 6 volt house, I think 200 amp hrs and 1 start, with 150 watt solar aswell, so the Bosch 120 amp alt (from Graeme) shouldn’t be to stressed
  8. Thanks, yep I have a 5amp fuse sorted for it, yes it is a B type panel
  9. I’m fitting a zm5 smart reg from Graeme Polly, installation instructions say to connect reg ignition terminal to the starter switch, motor is Yanmar 3ym 30, I’m unsure which terminal to connect to on the start switch, I’m assuming it needs current when key is in the run position, the wiring diagram in handbook is very small and hard to decipher
  10. Very happy with my Genoa and mainsail made by lidgards on the North Shore, good quality Dacron and sunbrella UV protection on the Genoa,
  11. Batteries were at 90%, and belt tension is good, couple of days before the tachometer threw a wobbly briefly, I turned motor off and restarted and it came right again, maybe a sign off a bad connection somewhere, thanks for all advice, I will do some checks when next on boat
  12. Yes, it doesn’t seem that bright, that could be the cause alright, I will get it checked by an Auto electrician
  13. I noticed the charge light is illuminated on my yanmar 3ym instrument panel, though the volt/amp meter is still showing current going to batteries, I had the alternator rebuilt about 30 hrs ago, anybody know what might be the cause
  14. Tape underneath hole, then run some epoxy into holes, when nearly cured finish off with epoxy filler and primer
  15. Could be worth a call to Moon engines in Rosebank road , im sure they could help
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