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  1. Very happy with my Genoa and mainsail made by lidgards on the North Shore, good quality Dacron and sunbrella UV protection on the Genoa,
  2. Batteries were at 90%, and belt tension is good, couple of days before the tachometer threw a wobbly briefly, I turned motor off and restarted and it came right again, maybe a sign off a bad connection somewhere, thanks for all advice, I will do some checks when next on boat
  3. Yes, it doesn’t seem that bright, that could be the cause alright, I will get it checked by an Auto electrician
  4. I noticed the charge light is illuminated on my yanmar 3ym instrument panel, though the volt/amp meter is still showing current going to batteries, I had the alternator rebuilt about 30 hrs ago, anybody know what might be the cause
  5. Tape underneath hole, then run some epoxy into holes, when nearly cured finish off with epoxy filler and primer
  6. Could be worth a call to Moon engines in Rosebank road , im sure they could help
  7. My SD20 boot was installed 9 years ago, used 5200 , not lifting any where, I get 2 years with prop speed, prop is a kiwi prop, boat is used regularly and kept on a berth at HMB marina, not happy with the black trilux 33 used on and around leg tho, gets alot of growth , must be something better out there
  8. I read some installation instructions for one when I was contemplating fitting a diesel heater, pretty sure they say to have a separate feed
  9. The cafe at Mansion house bay does good lunch food and coffee from 10am till about 2pm, its good to support the local girl Marie who runs it
  10. Open Frid, Sat , Sunday, but limited hours due to staffing issues, check the KBC website
  11. A friend had a young 88 re rigged, last year$2800, i was told to expect around $7500 for my 35 footer
  12. Check out a Raven 31 if budget can be increased, very roomy boat, well laid out, tho the current ones on trade me seem a bit overpriced
  13. A hard top or good Bimini with clears to close in the cockpit would be a requirement for me for live aboard, especially in the winter, most idyllic bays aren’t so good in the winter when it’s gusting 30knts plus
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