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  1. I sand blasted motor, then coated with interprotect, then wrapped in denso tape, no issues, been 7 years like that
  2. im in the HMB marina, always rinse boat off when returning, no issues so far, plus hauled out at Pine harbour bout 6 weeks back, no problem using the hose while sanding, and they encourage you to wash your work area down each day
  3. Do it your self it’s not hard, remove small Phillips screws , open and replace battery, I’ve done it twice on mine, no issues
  4. looks like a pretty robust "quirky" bit of kit
  5. Suzuki GN250, cruiser style, makes a great cheap commuter, simple, reliable and enough boogy to keep up with the traffic
  6. Have to agree with that mattm, i sailed on keelers as crew with a bit of racing aswell , i later joined Waiuku yacht club and raced a Laser, then moved up to a Finn, you sure do learn the rules quick when converging on the bottom mark in a big breeze and there is a lot of yelling for bouy room lol,
  7. Be sure to have a good read of the fine print with insurance policy, ie racing cover, wouldnt want to T bone an expensive racing yacht.
  8. Boats back in the water this arvo, have anti fouled it but it’s got lots of rough patches , I didn’t have the time to do a strip back this time, so I’m planning for a years time to do it properly, looking to do the rig at same time,
  9. Thanks all for the info, sounds like strata clean will be my choice, I’ve been on the hard at pine harbour for the week, be great to be back afloat tomorrow,
  10. 5200, 5 years on still lookin good, on advice from a boat builder at loyd Stevenson’s
  11. My antifoul is going to need a full strip back next time around, I’m not keen on manually scraping it ,I’m getting a bit old for that now, has any one on crew used Strata Clean , Auckland based abrasive blasters ?, boat is 35 foot, I had liked x foul removal guy but don’t think he does it any more
  12. I went for a walk over to the hard stand, bit of a shock, most of the area is fenced off for the new marina development, going to be important to book well ahead for a haul out, I was booked to come out over Easter but lock down killed that
  13. Tripped into HMB today to check the boat, all was good, it was very hard to leave again, certainly a risky trip down the southern motorway on way home, lots of traffic, would have been far safer to go out for a sail lol.
  14. Sorry, I take that back, I am not a racist,
  15. So that means some stupid people can still go fishing of the rocks at lion rock Piha in a 3 mtr swell🤨
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