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  1. Have Navionics on an I pad, but issue is keeping it charged if screen is active all the time, preferably I use my Garmin 750s with the blue charts which is mounted on the helm pedestal, easy to see in sunlight but touch screen operation is a bit random when it is wet
  2. #5 works very well for me , in HMB marina, usually good for 2 years, if you don’t clean it to much , 2 coats rolled on with a little thinners if it’s a hot day
  3. Fan worm has gone from my berth in HMB, lots of fresh water runoff into marina here as well
  4. I think his last voyage to the ice was in a ferro yacht, fitted with a steel pipe for a mast, didn’t make it far before mast came adrift from the base, Sir Peter Blake donated the mast if my memory is correct, a very intrepid sailor
  5. You can keep the original first section of exhaust, just replace the elbow and nipple, as it is the only part that has saltwater passing through it
  6. Thanks Boat works, I like to check weekly as well, it’s been 2 weeks now so I will head in there
  7. Question for owners of boats at HMB, any body been to check their boat and how is access to marina,
  8. Harken should have something suitable, Fosters are the agent in Auckland
  9. I’m keen on fitting a diesel heater as well, but will I still have interior condensation issues, ply cabin and deck with no head lining, if it doesn’t remedy that I might put up with being a bit cool and just wipe up with a towel in the mornings
  10. Just removed a kenwood ssb, don’t use it at all , I’m only a local coastal cruiser, thing weighed a lot and being mounted in the switch panel, made removing the switch panel a bit of a chore, also want to change the back stay to dyneema soon,
  11. SSANZ Start line 2019
  12. Nothing wrong with a custom build, our 1991 lidgard 35 is strip plank cedar epoxy, built tough, sails well on all points of sail, 360 litres water 200 diesel, roomy interior, open transom wheel steer, also motors well with a 3ym30 Yanmar, fits a 35 ft berth in HMB, there are a lot of good boats that aren’t glass production jobs, also no osmosis worries
  13. Head and barrel is one piece from memory
  14. Anchor wouldn’t set in chamberlains bay one time, retrieved it to try again, found the point embedded in half a beer bottle ha ha,
  15. We use a Manson supreme, great anchor, always back up and dig it in, we have 30 mtrs of 8mm chain and 14mm warp, I always put out all the chain, and adjust amount of warp depending on depth and wind,it’s surprising the amount of boats that drop some chain over then turn motor off with out setting the anchor, if they are close to me and it’s a bit breezy I will move
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