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  1. Very true , happy wife happy life
  2. Thanks @CarpeDiemI have looked but i can only use the bosch charger supplied with the bike and it reqs 240 volt, i do understand the need for a registered sparky if hard wiring from inverter to a power point, it would be easier if i could mount invtr inside van but my wife doesnt want it spoiling the look
  3. Im definatley going pure sinewave, my brother inlaw charges his 750 watt ebike with a 600 watt inverter, via 200 amp DC battery using solar, so thought 1000 watt inverter should be adequate, im not planning on lithium upgrade anytime soon so dont want to damage my AGMs with to bigger load
  4. Sounds good Jon, will look into the breaker
  5. Another option is i can mount it behind batteries in the locker , then run a 240 volt lead down chassis rails and exit it into the boot, save alot of $ for heavy cable
  6. Ok , i was looking at a projecta 1500w or mastervolt, want something with a remote for off on, was going to mount it in the boot and run heavy cable, 50mm ?? (may have to up size to 75mm)To batteries, approx 6 mtr run, i would try and do my charging whilst driving, mitsi canter has a 140 amp alt fitted, also planning to add more solar
  7. Not boating but a land yacht/ motor home question, currently looking to fit an inverter in a traillite motor home to charge a couple of e-bike batteries, charger is drawing 1.65 amps at 240 volts, out put is 4 amps at 36 volts, current battery setup is 260 amp from 2 AGMs, was thinking 1500 watt inverter, it might be asked to run the wife’s hair drier briefly couple times a week, any info on brands and sizing would be appreciated, cheers
  8. I've had a HDI 3YM elbow for a few years, no issues, motor mostly running in the 2500 to 3000 rpm range,
  9. I've never had an impeller fail,i change it yearly though, keep the old one for a spare, had one where the pin had worked its way out a bit, I fitted new pump because it wouldn't prime itself after impeller change, had a fair bit of wear in housing, put some rubber grease in and it would seal good enough to start pumping , then it was OK, but it was original 2007 pump, so fitted a new one to be safe
  10. New impellers usually come with a little packet of lube , I also just sources a new raw water pump from Energysystems.com.au for my Yanmar 30 3ym , pump has a mechanical seal fitted, and can use the std yanmar/johnson impellors, $740 delivered
  11. I agree , costs more to buy the pack than paying the pros
  12. I moor in HMB marina, have good results with prop speed on my kiwi prop, good for 2 years , boat gets regular use, HMB boat spray apply it, had boat for 12 years,i grease prop once a year,
  13. Had a lovely sail from Halfmoon Bay marina to Chamberlins Bay at Ponui Island today, nice SW breeze and flat water, 10.5 knts top speed with main and poled out headsail, about 2.5 hrs for the trip
  14. Any recoat of different antifouls should have a coat of primercon first I would think, that's what I would do, I have applied warpaint last October, over new epoxy barrier coat, happy so far
  15. whitepointer


    Looks lovely
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