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Classic mini powerboat racing

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Bloke popped in the other day.  Has this 'mini power boat thing' hanging in his garage.


It's about 6' long with a Briggs and Stratton engine,  what looks like a pressed tin ( diecast?) rudder.  Apparently they used to race them around a 'lake in Takapuna'


He's keen to find out more about them as he doesn't want to just trash the thing


Anyone have the foggiest notion what it might be?


I wouldn't know what it looks like - I haven't seen it.  Going on what he's told me....

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as an aside


there are 4 officially sanctioned, extremely limited and legal ways to bet on 'public races' in japan


mini-powerboat racing is 1 of them




the others are


horse racing tracks, pro track cycling, called keiran, which has made it to the olympics  


+ my fave is asphalt speedway




there is a also a certain fascination with baby racing




and with the world and the internet being what it is


you can sort of combine the 2



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