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WAVE - around the world or half way!

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Hi, created a new log in as we have sold Oracle and now own Wave, a grand Soleil 50 from 2005. as some will know we brought her last July in Croatia and are sailing back to NZ.  we have cros

this was taken recently when we antifouled Wave in St Lucia before Corona took over the world. 

Taken in Tobago Cays in the Grenadines a few weeks ago. this is a marine park, with lots of diverse wild life to look at in the water and on land, including Iguana's, Turtles, Tortises, coral, and of

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current plans are changing all the time.... !  but no Grenada is high on the list of storing Wave for 6 months from Sept to Feb next year to then resume onto Panama. 

we met a well known Kiwi over here a month or so back, Kelly Glass, he's been here for about 35 years and made a real go of it, owns many marinas, including BLue Lagoon on st Vincent and Clarks COurt on Grenada. so a good chance we might haul out at one of his facilities. met him at Mayreau island where he was hiding from Carona on his 60 ft cat, had a great time, inclusing him taking us out to sail rock 10nm away in his temder (35foot with 600 hp) to do some trawling and fishing and free diving. we got 3x Baracudas, 1x mahimahi, 1x Tuna.. 

great to meet other Kiwis here, but also enjoying meeting Locals, wehter rich or poor, most are friendly if you are friendly to them.


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quick update and request for suggestions here. a week or so back we had our insurance cancelled by Pantaneius.....  so are on the look for new insurance for Wave. But as we are just staying in the Caribbean for the next 6 months as we slow down on our trip back to NZ we are not looking for blue water insurance any more. 

any suggestions of reputable companies? 

we had a new survey completed about 2 months ago before C-19 and all came out above average. prior to this we had a Survey in Spain that highlighted a few issues and we have since fixed 99% of these. Both surveys were by registered and qualified surveyors from IIMS. 

the trouble we have is that the original spanish surveyor in his opinion thinks that at some stage Wave has been grounded badly and the keel needs removing and the massive internal galvanised steel frame needs to have the 2mm fibregalss lapping up and over the flame holding it inplace redone as it has de-bonded in some places.

now being an mechacnical/stress analysis engineer of 20 years, i can see that 2mm for fibreglass isnt going to add strength to a 10mm steel flame.! 

we have even had the Grand Soleil service manager come down and inspect when we were in Spain and check this. he has given us a letter , signed saying that this is all fine. this is the reason why our insurance has recently been cancelled. Our new surveyor couldnt see any evidence of grounding let alone a serious one after we stripped the keel back and reglassed it.

so any ideas on NZ or overseas companies for cruising insurance in the caribbean for a NZ registered yacht?

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Question: They where on risk and since cancelled the policy and got off risk. What happened that made them decide to get off risk? Something must have changed. Why was the Spanish survey requested.


Has the insurance company seen the new survey and r they aware of the new repairs with photos. Suggest you get another marine surveyor to do a report preverable from the British Virgin islands with a connection to Llyods of London and a indenpendant stress analysis engineer and push regiouslly for them to reinstate. Because the problem you r going to have any new insurance companies proposal asks the question, have u had marine insurance cancel or declined, refused previously. Soon as they see that issues will arise with most companies marine under writers/ risk assessment personal,  I'm sorry to advise.

Try contacting the nz Island cruising association BOI - they, have a agency with a large portfolio of clients and have obtained pretty good terms and cover where other insurers have not, supplying your reports and emphasising the reports and indenpendant structural engineers reports all after date of declining.

Do you have any other insurance to support your application?


Best of luck.


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If you can't get insurance, they would not like u being on the hard and unable for u to sail to another island if a hurricane came your way, u would be better to park on the hard on one of three islands never to have been hit with a  hurricane. Aruba, Curacao, Bonaire.

Grenana averages a hurricane every 25 years the last was 2005.Cat 3 2003 Cat 5.

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