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Where to Mount Nav Lights on Pulpit?

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Yeap, to much focus on rules not enough on doing sh*t so it actulay works.

I sat on the SSANZ finish boat and as the fleet came in all night for every one good clear strong set of Nav lights there would have been 6-8 set that were positioned serioulsy wrong (we could see some 20-25 degrees from the wrong side), limp as output and a couple the crew said were turned on but nothing seen.

The best was a PP with the little Hella LED's, we could see that miles away. The next week I changed my lower set to those same Hellas.


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Can anyone post a photo of a (modern) yacht, or describe an option that complies with this? Most common I’ve seen is as 180s has posted, but although close, are not actually above the top lifelines. O

My port n stb lights are mounted on the pushpit frames. Likely only works on boats where the widest beam is fully aft... Ca see them here, little white jobbie 

Yeah we have a masthead tri. When motoring, the masthead anchor light serves as stern and steaming. Stern light on the pushpit it on its own circuit.  Ive never noticed much interference from the

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14 hours ago, harrytom said:

I presume you have tri colour mast light?? if what i am looking at on the pushpit is the port/star nav lights would be near impossible to see from ahead,does the glow at night impede cockpit vision.

Yeah we have a masthead tri. When motoring, the masthead anchor light serves as stern and steaming. Stern light on the pushpit it on its own circuit. 

Ive never noticed much interference from the sidelights when I’m in the cockpit. The lowers are only used when motoring. So generally there’s no reflection from the sails. The lowers are mounted above the sheer, and the cabin cuts in as you go forward, so they clearly visible from dead ahead. I guess you wouldn’t see both from dead ahead if you were in a rubber dinghy and closer than 5-8m to the bow. 

But thy work, they’re bright and the meet eu regulations.

If i was doing lights myself I would make sure they met int colleges and YNZ be dammed.

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I understand why a professional installer would use Hella from a reputation standpoint, but for the average boatie trying to keep costs reasonable, in my own experience LED technology is both cheap and reliable, and everything else is just marketing hype. If I ever did have a problem my spare emergency nav lights are easy to clip on. 

I was required by an inspector to move my gunwale mounted lights to the pulpit rail years ago even though other prominent boats in the area continue to have gunwale mounted lights and the forward angle of the new lights was checked and debated as to whether there was a slight toe in. Also had inspector complain that the lights were not the expensive brand....

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I guess I am now getting old.

Please read your regs.  RED OVER GREEN IS A SAILING MACHINE,,,,,,,

yep. ... they dont make them but..... colregs state the above.  (I have them on my boat).


rule one...

If you comply with colregs... then ..you do... !! You DO NOT HAVE TO BUY A COMMERCIAL PRODUCT.

Rule two...

You are an idiot if you cant be seen.... if you value insurance more than your life then get off my water...

Rule three..

The biggeron rule... If they are biggeron you...stay away !! you may have legal rights.. but arguing them from a  cold wet coffin is pointless...

Rule four...

You should know where you are... and where other shipping is.....TALK...  THATS WHAT THE RADIO IS FOR... dont be an arrogant sailing idiot.....just say ...hey I am at lon..dot...lat...dot...can you see me ?  They will then take a lot of care....

Rule five... 

dont expect sympathy from then rest of the world... ... im not going to explain this last.

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