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  1. looks like it went aground somewhere...were are the rudders , shafts props, instruments ,squabs etc...
  2. So I now have had a response from YNZ . The multiple club affiliated members are assessed as at 31 March (EOFY I assume) in any year. Weird assessment time in my view. Therefore to be eligible for an YNZ affiliation fee refund you have to nominate your primary club; then complete the attached form; and then get each club and its commodore you do not wish to pay an affiliation fee (or seek an affiliation refund from) to sign the attached form to be able to apply for a refund from YNZ on your behalf. Thoughts? Multiple Club Member Refund Request Form.pdf
  3. Interesting isn't it Eliott5.9 is 0.6kw x 5.9m ( elliott 5.9) =3.54kw OR 0.25hp x19.357 feet= 4.839hp (not 4.7472hp!) - quite a diffence - the rule is an ASS. So to race a 5.9 in an open trailer yacht event you would need a 5hp motor. A 5hp motor on a 5.9 isn't going to make it any safer in 40 Knots plus...
  4. Jono - same old, same old - NZTYA have self determined to a very strange place...So many opportunties to be inclusive and progressive...just not. Higly predictable and boring.
  5. I'm not sure the modified Elders ever met this rule either... (i) The internal cabin length (excluding area under the cockpit) shall be not less than 40 percent of the overall length of the yacht excluding any prod or bowsprit.
  6. I think most clubs would simply say XYZ did not pay the full single membership fee as passed at the last club AGM and therefore their membership has been revoked...
  7. I spoke with YNZ today after waiting over a week for any sort of reply to my previous phone call. The staff member I spoke with was very polite and very aware of my previous enquiry via another staff member, and had my contact details. It was outlined that a staff meeting was being scheduled to discuss my query (and no doubt others) on how YNZ would proceed. I mentioned the 2017 resolution and that it wasn't a particularly good look that YNZ appeared to be ignoring a resolution of its Board at an AGM. Apparently, it was also discussed in 2019 ( haven't bothered checking). It was confirmed as a
  8. the rationale is armourplated... so DP no doubt as a member of multiple clubs you have no issue contributing to YNZ multiple times?
  9. Intresting isn't it...so if I applied and became an individual YNZ member would the clubs I'm a member of still charge me or pay an SEM or similar fee for each of my memberships? Or could I apply for an exemption because I'm an individual member of YNZ?
  10. Did this today with one of the club's where I have been a member( and renewing membership) and got this response XXXXX is affiliated to YNZ. You are a member of YNZ by default if you are a member of XXXXX Yes we have other members in the same situation as you. They all pay us the affiliation fee (as well as to the other Clubs they are a member of). Last time this happened I contact YNZ for the process and they advised that all members must pay via the Clubs they are a member of and then the member must contact YNZ directly to have any multiple payments refunded. If y
  11. Try Gracol here in Christchurch..https://www.gracolcomposites.co.nz/pultruded-fibreglass-products
  12. splat

    Jorgensen boats

    Matt - any subdivision of land adjoing the CMA should have/ would have required the setting aside of a suitable esplanade reserve above MHWS. Would be interesting to see the subdivision title plan.
  13. An older southern pacific donut style boat with a centre seat/thwart. Had a couple empty 23litre tote tanks in the front with my gear bag on top. 2 hp Yammie on the back jumped in and sat on the seat facing towards motor but my bag was pushing me back towards the motor so no clearance to pull start... so I moved sideways to pontoon ( facepalm)... and flipped it over backwards...as I said idiot....don't be an idiot. After almost 45 years mucking about in boats you would think I would have learnt!
  14. 182NM down the rhumb line I think
  15. Solo Delivery Waikawa - Lyttelton - Ross 30 Ballistic Got up 3.00am Friday morning and drove to Picton from Christchurch , arriving at 8.30am, quick stop at Picton supermarket for delivery trip food. Caught Cougar water taxi service from Picton to Resolution Bay, Queen Charlotte where boat was moored. Grabbed some tote tanks etc and dinghy. Inflated dinghy and loaded dinghy to get out to mooring. 15 metres offshore and flipped said dinghy....gurgle ... and who was the idiot who didn't close their 110 litre gear bag properly.... now a 2hp motor drowned... wet gear, wet sleeping bag and a
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