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  1. Try Gracol here in Christchurch..https://www.gracolcomposites.co.nz/pultruded-fibreglass-products
  2. splat

    Jorgensen boats

    Matt - any subdivision of land adjoing the CMA should have/ would have required the setting aside of a suitable esplanade reserve above MHWS. Would be interesting to see the subdivision title plan.
  3. An older southern pacific donut style boat with a centre seat/thwart. Had a couple empty 23litre tote tanks in the front with my gear bag on top. 2 hp Yammie on the back jumped in and sat on the seat facing towards motor but my bag was pushing me back towards the motor so no clearance to pull start... so I moved sideways to pontoon ( facepalm)... and flipped it over backwards...as I said idiot....don't be an idiot. After almost 45 years mucking about in boats you would think I would have learnt!
  4. 182NM down the rhumb line I think
  5. Solo Delivery Waikawa - Lyttelton - Ross 30 Ballistic Got up 3.00am Friday morning and drove to Picton from Christchurch , arriving at 8.30am, quick stop at Picton supermarket for delivery trip food. Caught Cougar water taxi service from Picton to Resolution Bay, Queen Charlotte where boat was moored. Grabbed some tote tanks etc and dinghy. Inflated dinghy and loaded dinghy to get out to mooring. 15 metres offshore and flipped said dinghy....gurgle ... and who was the idiot who didn't close their 110 litre gear bag properly.... now a 2hp motor drowned... wet gear, wet sleeping bag and a
  6. Zeus 3 7 correct- I had Link Android app working perfectly and then did the latest Zeus 3 Version: 20.0.1 software upgrade as IT said above and it stopped working. Haven't been able to get it to connect since...think I need to start from scratch again. The B&G app crashes as previously described but need to try IT solution first.
  7. just found this as well -https://www.c-map.com/support/?guideTitle=HOW-TO-SYNC-YOUR-B%26G-CHARTPLOTTER-AND-MOBILE-DEVICE-(SMARTPHONE-OR-TABLET)-USING-B%26G-COMPANION-APP&guideId=535-233
  8. Lastest android version i see is above version and talks about last updated August 24, 2020
  9. for apple or for android from playstore? - latest version of Link app is v4.1.0(44) I see
  10. Lateral what software are you referring to here? Version History 4.3.6 22 Jan 2021 Fixed the Mirroring and Remote Control experience. Chart-plotters are now mirrored in fullscreen once again. Added support for Local Network Access permissions. Link will now request access to your local network to communicate with your Marine devices, enabling devices to be automatically discovered and used by the apps features.
  11. Have just tried to get through to Navico support re B&G app, wireless connectivity and Link app outstanding issues (25 minute wait B&G tech support line- gave up). Anyone know anything about any updates. I cannot get B&G app to link to Zeus via QR code - app just crashes after scanning code. Have checked Link app in playstore and I am running latest version.
  12. I see in 3.06 Cat 2 and 3 are now every 2 years. I thought Cat 2 was every three years?
  13. This is what I'm using...easy to clean. Will need a recoat shortly.
  14. Prime... and follow timing/drying recommendations
  15. Typically, internal antennae will shoot through/ receive through glass/foam, ply etc with no issues. Metals not so much. An external antennae will be more accurate. A little concerned re solar panel location. As others have said best to simply do a temporary test in each of the various options.
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