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  1. It is happening here too; I 'd imagine there will be alot of abandoned boats after this one....some of the fouling on the moored boats is bad. https://us11.campaign-archive.com/?u=5e10fe869a2e9e83ca78a1606&id=7413c1a666
  2. splat


    We were on the water, courseside on both Saturday and Sunday. We had sailors on the boat ( a Young 11) who had been to the last AC in Auckland and said that the SailGP set up was far superior. The action just that much closer. On Sunday we were anchored to leeward of the entry to the start box which meant we were very close to all the pre-start set-up and jostling. The speed, combined with the noise of the boats made for pretty exciting viewing. The event was very fortunate with the weather, although March is normally pretty settled ...in the last 24 hours we have have had average winds
  3. Is Drinks Trolley doing a buffalo girls around the high? the inshore boats are in for some mean breeze rotation towards land. Which way would you go? big blocking no wind high about to land splat all over the race course?
  4. Pictures are a bit scary! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/weather-news/300806476/cyclone-gabrielle-two-boaties-rescued-after-going-missing-off-northland-great-barrier
  5. Fiordland incursion was Undaria sp. I think...
  6. From a purely rational perspective - it is cheaper to simply buy a new unit at $399 on special with a 10 year service and battery life that the manufacturer certifies. To dispose of a unit, you simply break the unit open and disconnect the power supply - then dispose of the battery carefully.
  7. Brad - that's really interesting-can you help with approx scale please?
  8. I sold the last RM69 components that Burnsco had in stock several years ago - it was the full RM69 toilet and it went into Flying Machine an Y88 based in Lyttelton. They were considerably lighter than current offerings from Jabsco etc.
  9. looks like it went aground somewhere...were are the rudders , shafts props, instruments ,squabs etc...
  10. So I now have had a response from YNZ . The multiple club affiliated members are assessed as at 31 March (EOFY I assume) in any year. Weird assessment time in my view. Therefore to be eligible for an YNZ affiliation fee refund you have to nominate your primary club; then complete the attached form; and then get each club and its commodore you do not wish to pay an affiliation fee (or seek an affiliation refund from) to sign the attached form to be able to apply for a refund from YNZ on your behalf. Thoughts? Multiple Club Member Refund Request Form.pdf
  11. Interesting isn't it Eliott5.9 is 0.6kw x 5.9m ( elliott 5.9) =3.54kw OR 0.25hp x19.357 feet= 4.839hp (not 4.7472hp!) - quite a diffence - the rule is an ASS. So to race a 5.9 in an open trailer yacht event you would need a 5hp motor. A 5hp motor on a 5.9 isn't going to make it any safer in 40 Knots plus...
  12. Jono - same old, same old - NZTYA have self determined to a very strange place...So many opportunties to be inclusive and progressive...just not. Higly predictable and boring.
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