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Volvo 20 hp slipping gearbox

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14 hours ago, Mike Joy said:

ITime I was wrong about sae 30 it was w30 oil 

Same thing. SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) is simply the standard of test used to determine the Viscosity of the Oil. The W simply means winter (not weight) and is placed between the two sets of numbers purely to divide them.
When there are two numbers, say the 15W40, the 15 means that at freezing point, the Oil will have a Viscosity or "Pour Rate" of 15. The Oil itself is normally this lower rating. As oil is heated, it thins very quickly. Additives are used to fortify the viscosity of an oil as it is heated. In the 15W4- case, the oil will remain at a 40 weight viscosity as it gets hot and stay that way through out it's entire temperature range.

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