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Mooring Service Contractor

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Bad timing with the level 3 shut down this evening, but can anyone recommend a mooring service contractor in Auckland (Upper harbour) by any chance?

Find out this evening after booking in a mooring service in January 2020 for a mooring due by the 1st September 2020 that the contractor is still 10-12 weeks away from getting to our mooring with no previous notice. Obviously not going to get a mooring contractor in time now, however need to get it done ASAP. Thanks in advance

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Try Hauraki Marine Services, the business is based in Welsford. 

Naturally all the contractors are subject to the vagaries of weather and equipment issues, most seem reluctant to disrupt routine and visit an area for a single job.


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My Northcote mooring was serviced 2 weeks ago. I had requested it at the beginning of June. It needed to be done by July. 

Auckland transport had sent me a notice late last year, a second and final notice in Feb this year. In August I received a notice of revocation of the mooring. 

I responded by email, received no response. 

The Harbourmaster now has a copy of the Mooring Inspection certificate. 

I use and recommend Stuart at Tidal Engineering. 

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50 minutes ago, GregW said:

+1 for Tidal. Over the last few years all the mooring contractors seem to be booked up many months ahead, so it pays to get in early.

Thanks for that, I got in early by booking in February for an inspection required by 1 September, and still waiting! Not sure how much earlier I could book in!

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The mooring lads are back into full pace now which means some furious catching up to do.

It's not a high paying job but it is often a wet cold dangerous one fighting moronic bureaucracy and at times highy unrealistic mooring holders. Also high entry costs hence there are not many takers. I did it for years and enjoyed it but I did get over the bureaucracy, some of the custies and the unrealistic expectations.

The lads try to do areas in blocks to keep costs down. The barges aren't fast so they can take a day to move from up the Tamaki to Hobbie sort of thing.

As long as you are booked in with one of the contractors the council are generally OK is times are pushed. They may remind you times up but won't do much more. As council knubnuts go they are a bit unusual in being good to chat too if you need to.



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