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  1. Thanks for that, I got in early by booking in February for an inspection required by 1 September, and still waiting! Not sure how much earlier I could book in!
  2. Would love to take this if I can please. When would pick up from Auckland be avaliable?
  3. I don't know where you are but we got ours from Beacon Marine
  4. Thanks Frank, have been in contact with Hauraki this morning with a booking. Yes weather etc plays an issue which is understandable. I suspect we are more likely been delayed due to not many jobs in the upper harbour!
  5. Bad timing with the level 3 shut down this evening, but can anyone recommend a mooring service contractor in Auckland (Upper harbour) by any chance? Find out this evening after booking in a mooring service in January 2020 for a mooring due by the 1st September 2020 that the contractor is still 10-12 weeks away from getting to our mooring with no previous notice. Obviously not going to get a mooring contractor in time now, however need to get it done ASAP. Thanks in advance
  6. It come off it’s mooring about 2 months ago and been sitting on the bottom off Kauri point since
  7. Wanting to make this removable but leave the wiring loom in the boat. Is it ok to cut and solder a connection in the middle of the cable? What sort of plug would you use? It’s a 9pin Lowerance/Simrad plug
  8. What size chain do you recommend for a Young 88 primary anchor?
  9. They have a physical store as well
  10. Y88 5241

    Anchor Warp

    What is recommended for a anchor warp on a Young88? 12mm 3 strand or 12mm 8 strand
  11. Might want to strengthen the gudgens as they usually fail after a few sails in decent breeze
  12. Any recommended stainless welders in Auckland? Need to get some stanchions repairs. Will remove from the boat and deliver. 6x posts
  13. No was V5 and bit different to how you describe it
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