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  1. Looks like someone was onboard? Doesn’t usually hVe the kayak on the back
  2. I replaced my throttle controller to a spin lock one in February. The mechanism I used is this one https://www.marine-deals.co.nz/catalogsearch/result/?q=SeaStar+B700Ss+Side+Mount+Control then you use the spin lock exterior - https://fostersshipchandlery.co.nz/products/spinlock-atcu-winch-handle-throttle-control All works really well and a lot smoother than the old system! Nice upgrade. PM me if you have any questions. We did need a bit of reglassing to make the new one fit, as the old hole was quite a bit bigger.
  3. This boat came up from the grounding, had some serious cracks through the keel joint up through the diagonals in the hull, was needing to be removed from the keel repaired and then repainted due to the repairs needed. Not just a bit of sealant that’s for sure
  4. Anyone know of any divers who service Pine Harbour marina?
  5. Y88 5241

    Pier 21

    Sold and Gone Jon; New owners aren't interested in the hardstand side of the business and shutting it down
  6. Y88 5241

    Pier 21

    Yes correct, Pier 21 hardstand is gone from Friday 21st July
  7. Y88 5241

    Pier 21

    Yes Boat Right has closed down, Gloss Boats has moved most its operation out to Tamaki Marine Park.
  8. Approx 2.5x the normal AF costs
  9. Application is by approved applicators (I work for Gloss Boats). Its a three day process to correct application but gives a very smooth and slippery surface. Longevity? Still to be seen however the manufacturer gives a very good warranty period.
  10. We just anti fouled a boat with the Hempel Silicone Antifoul, very slippery stuff
  11. We use Awlgrip products all the time and well stocked in NZ through Akzo Nobel, who also do International Paints
  12. Found the issue! Zeus had selected to use COG as heading, boat not moving = no heading = no TWD!
  13. Trying to get my Zeus/Triton displays to show TWD again. TWS and TWA working all ok, Percision 9 compass is working/configured. Any ideas here?
  14. You can use Propspeed on the leg as well as the propellor
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