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  1. The Maritime Police have told us that they don't have the resources to enforce it and unless your anchoring in Oneroa etc they will do very little about it
  2. Do you still have this @aywwa by any chance?
  3. does this have the NMEA input?
  4. I see your at Pine harbour now! Great spot!
  5. Nope. Rule update now from the Covid Website All boating activities should be limited to people from the same household. No overnight stays
  6. Mooring FH147 for Rent Rated for up to 10m vessel. 1000kg Mooring weight of 4x RRW Prime location straight out from Hobsonville boat ramp in very sheltered part of the harbour! Asking $35 per week.
  7. As requested for your division!
  8. No thanks, already have the simnet - NK2 adapter, our existing socket is getting abit dodge for use
  9. IS I'd love to take this if no one else does. We have the bulkhead plug with the Simnet for connection to N2K, would this be the same one?
  10. Pier 21 was far from quiet last week! Boats were double parked in the yard! Its been the busiest July in years so far
  11. Yes made it myself, I’ll get a photo when I can. Has a remote receiver wired in to activate horn.
  12. Hey Matt: i have a 12v horn set up similar to DPs photo which I would be happy to donate to Your club. Had it from when I was doing RO duties a couple years ago. it has a push button as well as 2 handheld remotes to activate the horn. give me a PM if interested
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