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  1. Try fosters or sopac, a lot of hatch dogs/latches use them
  2. Rupes have a DA, quite expensive. How long do you need it for?
  3. ‘No business was found whom could operate the hardstand feasibly for 6months of the year, so we have decided to keep it as a carpark all year round for RAYC users’ Can see this coming very quickly. Costs too much to train staff, own equipment etc for 6 months per year in a commercial environment
  4. Awlgrip is one of these paints which can’t be cut and polished/easily touched up. Awlcraft 2000 and SE are able to be cut and polished
  5. And all boats including the 18ft skiffs and flying elevens are required to have a VHF capable of operating on VHF 17/77
  6. I'm not sure you can even get insurance for Waiake Beach
  7. Maybe give it a bit of time, only happened late Friday/early Saturday. The boat was a well known boat, and still doing reports etc
  8. New Zealand doesn't have the resources in place for enforcing compliance, the Waikato Harbour master must be dreaming if his small team could be out enforcing licensing as well. NSW has 16 maritime boats on Sydney Harbour alone! Auckland harbour master is lucky to have one boat on the water on a Sunday
  9. Has anyone used a Lewmar Delta anchor? Thoughts? For a Young 88 so deciding between a 6kg which seems light and a 10kg
  10. I'm sure a quick call to the RNZYS general manager would quickly start the process
  11. They are for sale as a group lot I believe.
  12. Predict wind are releasing a very good one which could be linked to your boats instruments if off the boat
  13. Part of the problem is boat owners wanting to do maintenance in a few months only (Sept-Dec) I know currently every yard in Auckland would book you in for next week if you wanted to come out
  14. See https://www.aviation.govt.nz/passenger-information/what-can-i-bring/show/life-jackets
  15. Have done it no issues, always take it as carry on, it's allowed under the law if 33g or under. The security are pretty good about it all and understand.
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