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  1. Part of the problem is boat owners wanting to do maintenance in a few months only (Sept-Dec) I know currently every yard in Auckland would book you in for next week if you wanted to come out
  2. See https://www.aviation.govt.nz/passenger-information/what-can-i-bring/show/life-jackets
  3. Have done it no issues, always take it as carry on, it's allowed under the law if 33g or under. The security are pretty good about it all and understand.
  4. Note the best for the longevity of the lines!
  5. Currently in a partnership in a 9m yacht. 2 owners, one does all the maintenance, the other pays 1/2 the bills but rarely uses the boat. Currently considering a change of boat to something bigger but would want both owners to do equal maintenance going forward. Can be trying at times but generally works pretty well
  6. Pier 21 was closed after the property lease got sold, the Winton group closed down the yard
  7. Like new code zero, used three times only, max 1.5hours total use in light winds. Only selling as was a bit short for our boat. Leech 8.90m Luff 9.90m Foot 5.80m Includes bag, cable installed but no furler or head swivel
  8. What's your justification for this?
  9. Motor driven on Wired
  10. Think it’s just the tracker updating, happens with quicker boats. Equlibium has similar for some of their tacks to
  11. NOTICE TO COMPETITORS # 1 Posted Wednesday 15 February 2023 at 1240 hours Please note that the BALOKOVIC CUP scheduled for Friday 17 February has been postponed due to the impacts of Cyclone Gabrielle. A revised race date will be announced in due course.
  12. was one on trademe last week
  13. We have the brass monkey one, very handy thats for sure.
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