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  1. Approx 2.5x the normal AF costs
  2. Application is by approved applicators (I work for Gloss Boats). Its a three day process to correct application but gives a very smooth and slippery surface. Longevity? Still to be seen however the manufacturer gives a very good warranty period.
  3. We just anti fouled a boat with the Hempel Silicone Antifoul, very slippery stuff
  4. We use Awlgrip products all the time and well stocked in NZ through Akzo Nobel, who also do International Paints
  5. Found the issue! Zeus had selected to use COG as heading, boat not moving = no heading = no TWD!
  6. Trying to get my Zeus/Triton displays to show TWD again. TWS and TWA working all ok, Percision 9 compass is working/configured. Any ideas here?
  7. You can use Propspeed on the leg as well as the propellor
  8. Volvo 65 has been packed up, with the boat for sale
  9. Altex are still making #5 on a daily basis, in fact there is a wait time for the product at the moment.
  10. Wonder who actually owns it now? If the school took the boat, perhaps the clean up cost is now on them?
  11. I have a 608 on my boat which is currently in the shed, happy to help out if needed. At Gloss Boats @ Pier 21
  12. STF have been running the site for at least the last 12 years? Have you tried calling their office? Scott the owner is really friendly and I'm sure would assist
  13. I get this message all the time around motuhie island in particular. Been up in the BOI and not seen it once.
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