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Living aboard in Auckland

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Nothing to enforce with respect to greywater as far as I can tell as the Auckland Unitary Plan, Regional Coastal Plan, etc. cannot override the Resource Management Marine Pollution Regulations 1998. The 1998 part is not relevant as it is only referring to the date that the legislation came into effect. It is still in place and amendments continue to be made, same as for the Resource Management Act. Councils sit further down the pecking order and can't override legislation. 



Greywater 2.png

Greywater 1.png

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Interesting --it would be good to hear what Westhaven or other marina management have to say about this ---if these regulations are in fact not able to be overridden (or haven't been rewritten ) then the current interpretation about grey water/liveaboard/holding tanks are not correct.

Does this mean that if you have an electrasan (or is it raritan), which nukes all physical waste and has a US FDA rating for

discharge quality, fitted and used, there is no legitimate reason for a marina operator to decline a request to liveaboard (in a marina)on the basis of water discharges (Grey or black ).

Could change a few decisions ?

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I would suggest sewerage and grey water are two different items. Black water (sewerage ) is defined and from memory does not include Grey water. RMA marine pollution regulations definitions will provide definitions and will be what is used in all RMA requirements..


As stated by other users while dumping poo may attract attention I do not see Grey water attracting any attention.

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