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  1. After advice from a Broker and to get ore interest have reduced the list price to $135000. The new boat is a Dufour 455--Proxima Vida (Next Life )--great sentiment but pity about the name !!i
  2. Thanks DF--someone will see the opportunity and light
  3. Heres the link: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/yachts/keeler/listing/4365442321?bof=FX7kq3UX. Price on TM is $149900--obviously up for discussion in the current climate . Replacement is being surveyed so will reply if it proceeds --looks like it will though
  4. I have decided to sell Duty Free after 12 years of enjoyable sailing ----she is a typical 1220 , built 1989.I have a full spec sheet,price, and photos for anyone interested so contact me on andrew.mackmurdie@gmail.com. I will be putting her on the other websites shortly
  5. Yes BP--that happened to us once when a squall came in while in Te Kouma---didnt lose the key but fumbled a bit ---now put the wheel back if any sign of weather but with the 2 of us its not an issue leaving it there --I would say that often the cockpit is to hot for sun bathing and thats why we have an awning up .
  6. I overcame that concern about cockpit size by regularly removing the wheel when we had more than the 2 of us on board--regularly have 6-8 in the cockpit --6 easily , 8 a squeeze-- when we have the wheel off--easy access through the boat to the duckboard
  7. Last race of the Triple Series coming up on Saturday --finish at Issie Bay
  8. Hi--if still looking at 1220's get in touch with me at the end of September --away on holiday and then helping bring a boat back from Fiji ----considering my options . Andrew
  9. Hi--have a look at this recent listing which I have----its a hull fitting and plug which I got with my airmar transducer/multisensor--also a spare one . If interested let me know https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/bolts-anodes-fittings/listing/3250766843?bof=rUAfkMzi
  10. Duty Free


    Thanks everyone --the antenna was where I had come to--need to download proAIS2 diagnostic to check this out but may need a new antenna-- IT --do you supply/sell these
  11. Duty Free


    Hi everyone --can l pick your brains please--I have an issue with my AIS. It is a Nais 400 (B&G) and is linked to my B&G Chart plotter--It has worked extremely well , 2x RNI and multiple coastals/races around the harbour. The chart plotter is showing all contacts and providing readings as it should be , and its not on silent mode. What isnt happening is that other receivers aren't seeing me--I have checked this with friends who have AIS receivers and on marine traffic etc . When trying to isolate any thing that may affect signal receipt/transmission the appropriate lights c
  12. Anyone know anything about launch on the reef off ST Heliers—- looks high a dry a few hours ago
  13. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi M att--will give you a call --the system has been in a few years now and has worked excellently up until Napier in the last RNI
  14. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi--can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced with B&G gear --I have B&G wind/depth, Zeus 7 chartplotter, NAIS-400 and NPLE splitter, and 2 triton displays---unfortunately the system is only working intermittently since the RNI and currently not displaying anything other than the chartplotter information (but not the AIS information )-----have tested the connections and power which is going through the whole backbone etc --data only seems to be being displayed intermittently Now its got beyond my capabilities so want to get an experienced person in to sort out
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