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  1. Yes BP--that happened to us once when a squall came in while in Te Kouma---didnt lose the key but fumbled a bit ---now put the wheel back if any sign of weather but with the 2 of us its not an issue leaving it there --I would say that often the cockpit is to hot for sun bathing and thats why we have an awning up .
  2. I overcame that concern about cockpit size by regularly removing the wheel when we had more than the 2 of us on board--regularly have 6-8 in the cockpit --6 easily , 8 a squeeze-- when we have the wheel off--easy access through the boat to the duckboard
  3. Last race of the Triple Series coming up on Saturday --finish at Issie Bay
  4. Hi--if still looking at 1220's get in touch with me at the end of September --away on holiday and then helping bring a boat back from Fiji ----considering my options . Andrew
  5. Hi--have a look at this recent listing which I have----its a hull fitting and plug which I got with my airmar transducer/multisensor--also a spare one . If interested let me know https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/boats-marine/parts-accessories/bolts-anodes-fittings/listing/3250766843?bof=rUAfkMzi
  6. Duty Free


    Thanks everyone --the antenna was where I had come to--need to download proAIS2 diagnostic to check this out but may need a new antenna-- IT --do you supply/sell these
  7. Duty Free


    Hi everyone --can l pick your brains please--I have an issue with my AIS. It is a Nais 400 (B&G) and is linked to my B&G Chart plotter--It has worked extremely well , 2x RNI and multiple coastals/races around the harbour. The chart plotter is showing all contacts and providing readings as it should be , and its not on silent mode. What isnt happening is that other receivers aren't seeing me--I have checked this with friends who have AIS receivers and on marine traffic etc . When trying to isolate any thing that may affect signal receipt/transmission the appropriate lights c
  8. Anyone know anything about launch on the reef off ST Heliers—- looks high a dry a few hours ago
  9. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi M att--will give you a call --the system has been in a few years now and has worked excellently up until Napier in the last RNI
  10. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi--can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced with B&G gear --I have B&G wind/depth, Zeus 7 chartplotter, NAIS-400 and NPLE splitter, and 2 triton displays---unfortunately the system is only working intermittently since the RNI and currently not displaying anything other than the chartplotter information (but not the AIS information )-----have tested the connections and power which is going through the whole backbone etc --data only seems to be being displayed intermittently Now its got beyond my capabilities so want to get an experienced person in to sort out
  11. Duty Free

    Wright 11

    Jon--I'm on a 12m berth at westhaven as is Zambezi (both 1220's )
  12. Entries close on the 1st July --make sure you're in to participate
  13. Interesting --it would be good to hear what Westhaven or other marina management have to say about this ---if these regulations are in fact not able to be overridden (or haven't been rewritten ) then the current interpretation about grey water/liveaboard/holding tanks are not correct. Does this mean that if you have an electrasan (or is it raritan), which nukes all physical waste and has a US FDA rating for discharge quality, fitted and used, there is no legitimate reason for a marina operator to decline a request to liveaboard (in a marina)on the basis of water discharges (Grey or black )
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