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  1. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi M att--will give you a call --the system has been in a few years now and has worked excellently up until Napier in the last RNI
  2. Duty Free

    B&G gear

    Hi--can anyone point me in the direction of someone experienced with B&G gear --I have B&G wind/depth, Zeus 7 chartplotter, NAIS-400 and NPLE splitter, and 2 triton displays---unfortunately the system is only working intermittently since the RNI and currently not displaying anything other than the chartplotter information (but not the AIS information )-----have tested the connections and power which is going through the whole backbone etc --data only seems to be being displayed intermittently Now its got beyond my capabilities so want to get an experienced person in to sort out
  3. Jon--I'm on a 12m berth at westhaven as is Zambezi (both 1220's )
  4. Entries close on the 1st July --make sure you're in to participate
  5. Interesting --it would be good to hear what Westhaven or other marina management have to say about this ---if these regulations are in fact not able to be overridden (or haven't been rewritten ) then the current interpretation about grey water/liveaboard/holding tanks are not correct. Does this mean that if you have an electrasan (or is it raritan), which nukes all physical waste and has a US FDA rating for discharge quality, fitted and used, there is no legitimate reason for a marina operator to decline a request to liveaboard (in a marina)on the basis of water discharges (Grey or black )
  6. Thank IT /Frank--will be in touch when you get back from foreign places
  7. Hi everyone, Looking for practical ideas, if what l want to do can be done . When I bought Duty free, Farr 1220, it had Raymarine gear on it ---I was given the opportunity to get some B&G gear (Zeus Touch 7/Triton display). The current Auto helm is an Raytheon ST6000plus , works really well and l am pleased with it, but it was not and is not integrated with the wind gear . I am sufficiently aware that they have different operating systems (if that's the correct word ) but my question is ----Can l integrate my B&G wind gear with the Raymarine/Raytheon ST6000--if so , how so.
  8. The next race in he Safety @ Se SSANZ Triple series is on the 4th August . Single race entries accepted
  9. The Next race in the safety @ Sea SSANZ triple series is coming up on the 4th August .Single race entries accepted .
  10. Enormous support again --114 boats , first race tomorrow . Enjoy the day , looks like a good one
  11. The SSANZ 2018 series is up and running --entries close in a few days time so get those entries coming in and quickly .50 plus boats already --Cat 4 for all but the big boat 100 mile
  12. Safety at sea , Triple series --the last date for entries (other than late ones which incur a higher fee) coming up so get your entries in this weekend .50 plus boats already .
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