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Diesel storage

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Coming out at HMB in a few weeks and need to give the tanks a clean out - unfortunately that are full, which is about 250L of Diesel. Nothing wrong with the Diesel in there, so looking for a way to temporarily store it before it goes back in, which will be through a filter.

Anyone have any suggestions for a economical way to do this? I wondered about 40Gal drums but haven't got as far as researching where to get clean ones that wouldn't be contaminated. Also going to need a reasonably beefy pump too.


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I have used the blue plastic barrels in the past but can't remember where i got them from.  As for pump, you really don't need an industrial solution.  An old car fuel lift pump - the ones that would sit above the tank and push the fuel forward to the engine.  Bit of pastic tube and away you go.  Took me about 20 minutes to fill a drum.

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