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Gelcoat repair and painting a hull repair

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I am currently finishing some winter restoration jobs on my trailer sailer Farr 6000. I have 2 main questions:

  1. Painting a repair to hull: I had to repair the hull with some Ados Marine filler (photo attached... still need finish sanding!). I went to Burnsco to buy some paint. They adviced 3 different types of paints to apply: 1st primer, 2nd undercoat, 3rd topcoat yellow. Since I am only fixing a patch and my boat does not have a very flash paint job on the hull, do I really need to apply these 3 different coats? I defiitely need the topcoat as the hull is bright yellow. But could I go straight from primer to topcoat? How many coats of each??
  2. Gelcoat repair: since it is an old boat, I have quite a few patches of the deck gelcoat that need some repairs. I have been advised to apply some Ados Marine filler (Vinylester), sand it to a smooth finish once dry and paint over it since the filler is pink (see photos of my repairs). The thing is I feel that every patch of paint will be very visible by contrast with the old gelcoat next to it... Should I instead look at applying some gelcoat with a brush or a small roller? Is there a way to match the original gel coat colour or at least close to?

I have attached a few photos to illustrate my questions.

Thank you in advance for your help.



cockpit gelcoat 2.jpg

cockpit gelcoat 3.jpg

cockpit gelcoat 4.jpg

cockpit gelcoat.jpg


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Id check to see if the hull is painted or still gelcoat, photo 1 looks like paint. If gel then buy 1/2 litre of flowcoat (prewaxed gelcoat) and some yellow tint, google the colour match process, be aware you cant untint anything! You can use the same method for the deck repair.  If paint, sadly you'll need a primer otherwise the paint might fall off plus youll need a lot of coats. if it was me Id just go to an auto paint place, buy a can of primer/filler and a can of yellow (closest match) and spray it. 

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

Hull was pretty badly painted by previous owner. I ended up doing a few coats of undercoats and then the yellow top coats with a yellow that does not match at all the hull colour. I think the next step would be to repaint entirely the hull to do a decent job.

Matching colour from the auto paint shop is a great idea I am keeping.

Thank you again.


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