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45 minutes ago, vic008 said:

12mm rope to wire(with a nice joining splice)but there is a splag(?)so will replace sometime. Do you just go straight to all spectre nowadays?

You should definitely get rid of the wire. You could downgrade the diameter considerably, saving cost on the line, but then you need to think about clutches and winches and handling which will increase cost.

I made up a 5mm exposed core to a 10mm with sheath as a trial experiment for replacing my main halyard. It would be 5mm at the mast and 10mm at the clutch. Several end to end splices 5 to 6 to 8 with cover got me to 10mm at the clutch adding an 1mm insert should get 12mm at the clutch reef points. 


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A wire 'sprag'

12mm now would suggest 10mm fancy cord would be the replacement. If you want to lighten even more strip the cover.

The 2 key things when swapping are -

1 - check what your jammers can handle as CP noted above. CP's gone a little extreme with his heavily laminated jamming zone but we often add a extra layer to beef that area up to match size or in many cases minimise rope damage, some jammers are very brutal on ropes, some aren't.

2 - Check the sheeve at the top for sharp things, we call it the red test. Get up there then stick your finger in and rub it all over the sheeve and anything the rope may touch, if it comes out dripping red then there is something sharp that may do the same to the rope as it's done to your finger. Obviously that's not good so make whatever it is go away.

Otherwise go for it.

If stripping DO NOT use Vectran even if you coat it heavily.

Dyneema is the go or for most Spectra is the better option, 90% of Dyneemas goodness but at a lot less cost.

Watch out for Chineemas, some are OK but some are simply sh*t.


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