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Huge waves off Ireland

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The World Surf League has some good quality footage of guys surfing these waves at Nazare. The scale of the waves is phenomenal, the surfers look like ants. There are some classic sequences where a shadow from the wave comes over the surfer, then the peak crashes down in a cascade of white water........

They're all using jet ski's to get towed in, kind of understand the problem of paddling out through that lot, and trying to paddle onto a literal mountain. The rescue sleds on the jet ski's, well, not out of place.



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Footage of some nut bar surfing these monster wavers off Ireland



First spotted as a spinning wind somewhere off the coast of Newfoundland, the level of hype ahead of last weeks swell looked, to a miserable pessimist, like a recipe for disappointment. 

However, after Hurricane Epsilon merged with another Atlantic depression early in the week, it did just as it was supposed to, making landfall on Wednesday as one of the biggest, cleanest swells of the last decade. While all sorts of corners lit up, the spotlight shone firmly on Europe’s two big wave behemoths; Nazaré and Mullaghmore, with Conor Maguire’s massive tow wave at the latter serving as the defining moment. 

Already a prep-heavy pastime, with all the jet-ski rinsing and inflation vest testing, Conor was forced to take things to a whole new level last week, as Ireland entered a new level of lockdown. He sought special permission from the local council and the RNLI and with a team of Mully’s most experienced watermen, installed one of the most comprehensive risk-managed safety protocols ever seen in the big wave world, including masked safety briefings, multiple ski drivers and clifftop spotters, waiting paramedics and more.

Dystopian levels of bureaucracy for a sport long-heralded for its divine simplicity, sure. But necessary for Connor to insulate himself against both the raw power of the North Atlantic and the subsequent wrath of the keyboard warrior. And in the end, totally worth it, we think.



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