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Hi All,


Just a simple question, is there any reason why I couldn't run a VSR off my solar panel so that when the house bank is charged the solar starts charging the start battery? I already have a VSR running off my alternator that charges the start battery primarily, then the house. It is a simple system on a 9m yacht, 50w solar panel.

Thanks heaps, any advice deeply appreciated.

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If the one you have is a dual (senses batt voltage either side) then you already have that. If not, just update it to a dual model, and your good to go. The VSR does not care what provides the voltage, once the set voltage is reached, it will engage and connect batts together. Once together, current can flow in either direction, the VSR is not a blocking device.

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The other option would be a dual battery solar charge control. A very good brand name is Morningstar https://www.morningstarcorp.com/products/sunsaver-duo/ however, the amperage is more that you need and the cost is high. There are much less expensive ones on Amazon, but I have no experience with the quality of that gear.


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