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  1. So to follow up on how this all turned out. We have decided to do the paint work here in the first world paint realm of New Zealand. The best contractors in Fiji were painting in tarped or heat shrunk tents that had earthen bottoms held 30-80 cm off the ground which could readily have admitted sand and sanding dust on an afternoon breeze. We also found that only two of the half dozen contractors there were capable of even writing back and then there was only one that followed thru but then never sent the estimate. All in all... not the sort of experience we were seeking for our trimaran. Mayb
  2. and how do you stop condensation between the layers? After being on that passage from Tonga in 2019 with winds steady 45 gusting 65... I can't even begin to imagine going out on deck with a piece of plywood, it's just nuts. And the idea of only sending some screws thru whatever your skin and foam core might constitute... is an absurd idea on that sort of hull construction. This story (for me) is a sobering reminder of how vulnerable salon windows have become in modern yacht design. Even our Farrier with a 4 to 8 cm rabbited recess and screws every 24cm seems wholly inadequate.
  3. I just noticed an article in STUFF (17 minutes ago) about this possibly a report from Maritime New Zealand released today?... Has the Coast Guard released it's final report? Anyone have a link? Thanks
  4. Just heard back... Our boat is "too beamy" for Fusion Marine, so they are out
  5. So Far,, the 3 leads in Fiji have had only one response (good responsive communication with this one) but they are unable to give us a referral on even a single New Zealand Flagged boat that they have done. I'm not necessarily impressed.
  6. Anyone know about this shed or Contact info for Jon since he will know the owner.
  7. Good article, Do you have a business name or contact information?
  8. Hibiscus wrote to say that they can not handle our beam
  9. I would not let a house mover touch our boat with a 10 meter pole! We've had a scissor lift move the boat from the boat ramp at Opua Marina to the boat yard. The experienced fellow (JJ) flexed our hull enough that a scupperway through the integrated water tanks cracked. The entirety of the Starboard water tank leaked out into the bilge. We had to pull things apart and glass it back together. That wasn't that hard to do... but the idea of going down the road is not something I am wiling have done to it after that experience. The movers accept no responsibility any damages; as per the co
  10. Trying them now... we do want a high quality job without runs or brush marks. But what is most important is not 'gloss' and car like paint, but longevity is very important. We absolutely need this job to last ten year+ (or current AWL Grip paint went 21 years)
  11. not really... it's all the exposure to solvents, primers, constant sanding on my compromised overhead reach, that I'm not interested in repeating. I've done this work before alone on a 37 foot mono-hull and also a 21 footer. The 21' boat was way more work because of the gelcoat failure. Our hull is in good and fair enough shape that I don't think the time commitment is in the 47K range.
  12. Thanks for sharing... this is why I am trying to do our due diligence here and locate an individual painter reference by accurate name and ID. I am very hopeful that locating a current good reference in Fiji is possible, or certainly worth trying to do. Everyone here has been very helpful, but we haven't got 'that name' yet.
  13. ...and I repainted the non-skid in 2017 with 2-part AlexSeal poly so all the non-skid is not quoted...
  14. actually the beams would add another 1/3.... so 2X the area of a low freeboard mono-hull
  15. We would wait at least until next September, could wait longer...
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