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  1. Where did that break-off from, and exactly why/how did it break off? If you don't know, then i'm not interested. Not enough information here to understand what condition this is in?
  2. 2flit

    Fluid Film

    Portends to be Made in New Zealand: Fluid Film Has anyone used this stuff and if so which one? http://www.fluidfilm.co.nz/ Fluid Film® is a lanolin based rust / corrosion preventive and lubricant that provides long term protection and lubrication for all metal surfaces. Fluid Film® locks out and displaces moisture while lubricating moving parts for extended periods of time. It will not be readily washed off with water, but creates a barrier of protection that continues to work even in the most corrosive of environments. Fluid Film® is the worldwide standard for corrosion protection a
  3. We have 600 watts of Flexible PV on our Bimini and radar arch combined. Then another 200 watts in panels we bring out in badly overcast winter conditions. These we strap to the boom and rotate them for altitude adjustment, occasionally swinging the boom out for azimuth. Two of the radar arch modules are also adjustable for altitude and azimuth. They do not last anywhere near as long as glass fronted modules. (I've some experience here having installed more than a 1000 modules in mostly terrestrial applications but also occasionally marine) My advice is to never get a PET front sheet and to loo
  4. Nov 26 Update, Norsand has been outstanding. The painters have been working on Saturdays to complete the project and make up for time lost to unexpected repairs at the start. I can't say enough positive things about Aaron who is leading the paint job. We hope to have the boat repainted early-mid December and the mast and boom afterwards. Hopefully we can start putting all the hardware back on. Melanie and I have spent the last few weeks passivating the stainless and re-polishing all the 316 SS. We think that if it took two weeks to remove that we can get everything back on in three weeks
  5. The international boarder where we're from has these regulations. Explained here: https://www.bewhalewise.org/ And the larger area with somewhat complicated zoning... Restrictions have been in place for over a decade where I'm from and there may be allot to be learned by looking to how other areas have resolved these issues. Requiring boaters to stop their vessels when anywhere within a 300M zone is not common.
  6. $2,400 for the pair New Cost is over $4,000 for the Ocean Series winches.
  7. Great Condition Self Tailing Lewmar Ocean 44 AST winches in excellent working condition. These winches have at least 90% of their life left and is only being replaced to install a larger new winch. I have a matched pair. The Base has a diameter of 170mm Height is 190mm The first three pictures were taken October 22 The Ocean series of Lewmar winches is very robust and superior to the EVO winches (Lewmar EVO range of winches) The Ocean range can all be stripped from the top for servicing without having to unbolt/remove the base. The Ocean 44 winches can also be converted to electric using Lewma
  8. In case it's of any use to someone searching for Imperial 316 Stainless,... The best source I found was Ausstain https://www.austain.com.au/ Family owned since 1977, they have good contacts and do not source from China (mostly from known sources with a good history in Taiwan) The 1-1/4 x 2" were $27 AUS$ per hundred. I think they supply other suppliers. Friendly and knowledgeable And Cater's inital price estimate came way down on these for the slot-head style. Cater are great folks.
  9. Things are progressing at Norsand. We hauled the boat about two months ago and Melanie and I spent two weeks pulling all the deck and skin fittings, then stripped the mast and boom in another two days. The yard labor took another two weeks doing some fiberglass work and the painters have been at things for 4-5 weeks. Only issue so far... We warned the painters that the mast used an Automotive paint system. This paint was still in very good condition and we we are only repainting to get rid of the crazy metallic green color on our spars. They did a wet rag with solvent test on
  10. https://marinehowto.com/bed-it-tape/ Any idea what makes a butyl formulation more suitable to Marine use? Read this from the manufacturer mentioned above: " After this article was published, we were forced to develop a marine specific butyl based hybrid elastomeric sealant that was specifically formulated and tested for marine use. The product is called Bed-It Tape and can be found in the; Marine How To Web Store. Hamilton Marine and Marine Outfitters in Canada are also distributors of Bed-It Tape. Sales of Bed-It Tape directly fund this site and keep it free. Please understand that
  11. Advark, Thanks for doing that; I just checked in Australia StainlessFastener.com.au ... The first hit on Google with a Pan Head Phillips 1/4" x 2" NC in 316 Stainless (posi is not made anymore according to this Company) $0.58 each (BTW Cater Marine had slotted head at $4.00/each)
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