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  1. The Hugo Boss boat looks like it is in some serious trouble... heard about 'structural issues' a few hours ago and not the bow height is now minus (-) 1.49 meters! Here is an Image from the Alex Thompson Racing Site from 9:04pm... Computer image but causes some concern, eh?
  2. Have you spoken with a spar maker about this topic? Our 16.8m mast (Mast section is 124 x 204 x 4 mm) is very-very lightly built and has 5/16" fasteners every 10cm and it's been no problem in over three years of hard sailing up to 68 knot winds off-shore and many more years of costal sailing. My gut tells me that If your fasteners are around 12mm or less... I would not worry about the extra holes at 15cm spacing. The mast track you are adding will increase the strength of the mast somewhat and it sounds like the extrusion has a built-in luff grove already stiffening the back. So
  3. Just to add to this conversation... 13.8 v as a 'float voltage' is quite a bit too high for a pure DC float voltage (as opposed to an AC battery charge sourced charge). Unless it is very cold out you would never want to see 13.8 as a float voltage on most Lead Acid (LA) batteries. The target for Float voltage would be much better at 13.6 volts. I think his question about what readings to expect on his "BMS" have been well answered for LA, except I'm curious because when someone says BMS (Battery Management System) they are customarily referring to a BMS on a Lithium Bank; what chemistry
  4. Interesting because just yesterday the boat 5-Kiwi's Afloat posted just the opposite on Facebook? Said that they were now allowed to do their quarantine on the boat and do it even if the passage time was under the old 12-day rule... guess time will tell the truth
  5. I listed to a video post he made on FB yesterday where he said that he was 'nodding-off' occasionally (sounded like very brief periods of time where he just fall asleep and suddenly re-awaken) but the sleep tracker was not recording these periods as "sleep" because his pulse rate was still around/above 90 bpm. I think his max heart rate was above 170 during sail changes.... the guy is amazing
  6. We've used a 2:1 for about four years. First on a square top that needed to have the top batten removed and now on a pseudo-square top that does not require the batten removal step. Both sails have/had about 20% roach. The new headboard has a cutout for the 2:1 block, such that the block fits in this cutout 'window'. This helps when you have a nearly full-hoist main as you describe. After about 15,000 offshore miles on the second main, we don't see any problem with the sail 'hinging' at the metal headboard (plates on both sides bolted/rivited together. The headboard is on an Antal car system
  7. Hugo Boss is doing 15 kn at the moment in 15kn wind while the leaders are in 14kn of wind doing 11 kn, Here is how it looks (see pic) <the dotted red lines are the Rhumb line course; Hugo Boss is the larger black/pink boat icon in the western group>
  8. The other option would be a dual battery solar charge control. A very good brand name is Morningstar https://www.morningstarcorp.com/products/sunsaver-duo/ however, the amperage is more that you need and the cost is high. There are much less expensive ones on Amazon, but I have no experience with the quality of that gear.
  9. This information is from John Hopkins University and is in line with all the peer reviewed studies that I have read. It is important that we realize the extremely limited validity of the PCR test that are used throughout New Zealand In the report on the findings published May 13 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine, the researchers found that the probability of a false negative result decreases from 100% on Day 1 of being infected to 67% on Day 4. The false negative rate decreased to 20% on Day 8 (three days after a person begins experiencing symptoms). They also found that on the d
  10. If a flooded cell is dry and been charged; you have a permanent loss of capacity in the area of the 'dry' plate. If there is 'no fluid' in the battery and it was being charged (as in charged dry). The entire battery is history. Get a charge controller for the solar panel and buy another flooded battery, then you should be fine.
  11. https://www.peregrinasails.com/ some info here with a map showing stop overs
  12. Good point, we read on a Facebook site where a NZ citizen offered to sail a boat to NZ.... if someone was "stuck" with their boat and could not come to New Zealand.
  13. Fish... As a side note. The mother wrote me to say that they have no place to keep the boat around Tahiti other than a mooring. It's reportedly a $1M asset the sale of which is their only pathway back to having a home in the UK. She says that there is no hull insurance available to them in Tahiti where they could try to sell the boat. They can fly back to the UK... but what to do with the boat which they must sell?
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