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Boat on Boat

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With the new AC designs looking to turn on a dime does anyone  think there will be more boat on boat action than with the catamarans ? This action adds to the drama and if you can force errors  such as a fluffed turn it could be a powerful attacking or defending strategy. Most commentary is that the foil arms would  make this dangerous for both vessels and that it would be best to stay out of trouble. My sense is that we will see relatively more close manoeuvering than in Bermuda.




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luna rossa seem to be suggesting they can manoeuvre pretty damn well 

and they expect to use that to their advantage 

"The only thing we have seen is the quality of manoeuvres and I would say for the moment that we have an advantage. Our manoeuvres are carried out perfectly," Fischer told French yachting site Tip & Shaft.

That is very important, as if you are clear about your manoeuvres, you can afford to change tack for tactical reasons, while if you find it hard, you avoid that as much as you can.


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