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2020 Rum Race, 23 December

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Thanks to Paul Groom, who has agreed to run the event this year, with the assistance of Bill Falconer, the Rum Race is ON! This year's theme is "Irish" Prizes for the best dressed boats and crew.

Details of the entry and event as usual on the rumrace page https://crew.org.nz/forum/index.php?/rum_race.html/

Entries are now open!

Who is coming??

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Hi people 

Forecasts are looking pretty good this year, at least moderate from the north and possibly a touch strong early but should ease a little as the evening goes on.  Possibility of a little rain but nothing too serious and a fairly good chance of nothing at all.

Numbers are down a bit this year with a small number of quicker boats so I've elected to run a single course.

Course, approximately 9.5nm:  

From the start rounding Bean Rock Buoy to port, Rough Rock buoy to port, Orakei Buoy to starboard, Resolution Buoy to starboard, Bayswater Buoy to port finishing in a westerly direction between the Westhaven Tower and the ODM.

The start line is defined as a line from Westhaven tower to the outer distance mark (ODM), the finish line is also a line from the Westhaven tower to the Outer Distance Mark.  Please note, unlike previous years, this is not a transit, boats finishing outside the Outer Distance Mark will be scored DNF.

Start times shall be signaled with number boards on the tower and we will endeavour to broadcast each start time on VHF ch77.  We expect to coordinate start times using GPS time so starting on your GPS time should work well.

Keep in mind people you are sailing under Collregs which do require a higher degree of caution while navigating in close proximity to other vessels.  There are also insurance implications so if close to other vessels, throttle back the racing enthusiasm, no one wants a damaged boat just before their Christmas cruise.  Take particular care going into and coming out of Rough Rock Buoy.

Start times: final


17:45    Stinger
17:52    Close Encounters
17:53    Crocodile
17:59    Flashwave
17:59    T Rex
18:01    Sailor Moon
18:01    War Machine
18:01    Young Magic
18:06    Cliff hanger
18:06    Enigma I
18:06    Houdini II
18:06    Team Sex
18:06    Fast Company
18:08    Chain Reaction
18:09    Sailutions
18:10    Atomic
18:13    Black Pearl
18:13    Extreme
18:14    Force Eleven
18:16    The big dont argue

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