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  1. Only a guide, most sail numbers were allocated sequentially and about 2/3 of the Ross 780s are in the range from 3200 to 3500 so probably from Hopwood Boats and in the middle somewhere for builds.
  2. From the infamous RT database with a couple of edits and guesses from me, not sure if this will post correctly but hopefully sail name design notes K4124 Arbitare Farr 11.6 K8586 C U Later Ross 8 Australia, technically K6015 Distraction Farr 1020 Marlborough K8737 Drinks Trolley T30 Auckland K9380
  3. Apologies Psyche, obviously read your rev up the wrong way
  4. General handicaps for the triple series have four components. SSANZ racing excluding RNI,RNZ from the prior three seasons, RaceTrack, design assessment and for races 2 and 3, earlier racing from the current series. Manual consideration is also a factor but as stated is the starting point with,approximately equal weighting to each component. That isn't always possible as it's dependent on there being previous racing. It can be argued, quite reasonably. that race 1 this season should not have had handicaps changed afterwards, or changed minimally though my cynical side tends towards the
  5. Think the Evolution div 1 and 2 wording actually refers back when there was separate 'light' and 'heavy' small boat and wording never got changed when numbers caused the two divisions to merge. From memory, Open came in because of so many boats feeling the need to have a general handicap below 0.75 and the conclusion was it's easiest just to have a separate open division with no limit.
  6. second for Hurricane, good, thorough, friendly and professional
  7. Entries here, obviously still quite early but definitely true numbers have been declining https://topyacht.com.au/db/kb/entrants_display.php?EventID=1276
  8. Hi people Forecasts are looking pretty good this year, at least moderate from the north and possibly a touch strong early but should ease a little as the evening goes on. Possibility of a little rain but nothing too serious and a fairly good chance of nothing at all. Numbers are down a bit this year with a small number of quicker boats so I've elected to run a single course. Course, approximately 9.5nm: From the start rounding Bean Rock Buoy to port, Rough Rock buoy to port, Orakei Buoy to starboard, Resolution Buoy to starboard, Bayswater Buoy to port finishing in a we
  9. A brief note people that, owing to a prior commitment, I'm unlikely to be able to allocate start times on Wednesday, the day of the race. Please enter as soon as possible
  10. From what I recall, S.I. amendment to lock down centreboards became fairly standard in NZ after Astrotraveller (Lightning 7.5) had a moderately serious roll one breezy squaddy winter series race in the late 80s.
  11. The VG is truly one of a kind, always enjoy following it and this year has all the indicators of being a classic, even by VG standards. Must put some thoughts together, however for those interested, a slightly modified version of the rankings splitting boats into groups based on the VG for which they were originally built. 2008 was apparently a vintage year for boats. vgd.xlsx
  12. Piedys definitely in there at the moment with class racing with fleets of 6-12 out of Milford and larger groups doing SSANZ and Auckland Regatta. Elliott 5.9s also very strong and have been for years but it's a different magnitude of serious. Expect most club racers would look pretty ordinary if they put themselves in that group. Have also heard Reactors do a bit of racing run at association level pretty much under almost everyone's radar but regular fleets of half a dozen or so. If south of Auckland, accepted there is anything between the bombays and Antarctica, can't go past
  13. I disagree Fish. It is not a humanitarian issue as they claim, it's a fiscal issue. They can get off their boats if they consider the risk of cyclones too high. That they don't want to lose their boats I completely understand, that this is a humanitarian issue New Zealand is somehow responsible for dealing with is politely, a stretch. It's a cost issue and in the overall scheme of people being financially hurt by CV19, one that's quite a long way down on my sympathy list. And 4000km between NZ and Aus, really, did NZ or Aus move sometime while I had my back turned? The
  14. Interesting but wow, talk about not being able to see outside your own pond. Very US centric and curious in that quite a few of the US designers mentioned were, at least in my opinion, pretty ordinary, whilst some I've got plenty of time for (RP, Andrews for example) weren't mentioned. I guess though if they were, it'd kind of defeat the argument that was being made. As to the bit about not been able to mention recent designers, that's pretty much flat out ignorance, plenty of good people still doing design, just not very many in the states. As to the production build boats not hav
  15. Don't want to correct you Wheels but those truly in the know, well their decision is more, shall I use a hammer or go straight for the axe?
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