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prada cup 2

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Friday’s scheduled round robin racing has been dropped, with American Magic unable to complete repairs in time to compete as planned.

Luna Rossa and INEOS Team UK will instead face off in races on Saturday and Sunday with start times on both days at 4pm.

However, with INEOS only needing one more win to secure a place in the Prada Cup final, should they win on Saturday they, along with Luna Rossa, can decide whether or not to race again on Sunday in what will effectively be a dead rubber.

Another quirk of American Magic’s withdrawal is the implementation of “ghost races” where Luna Rossa and Team UK will have to cross the start line in what would have been their races against American Magic in order to gain the point.


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after they start the ghost races if AM isn't on the course the race is awarded to the competitor there

doubt they'll even have to do half a leg

in link

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After the two live races, there will be 'ghost races' which also need to take place in order to comply with the competition's regulations.

The ghost races will be 'against' New York Yacht Club American Magic to allow the regatta director to award the point to the relevant other competitor.

They will consist of a pre-start sequence and an official start by INEOS TEAM UK and Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli respectively, before being suspended just a few minutes after commencing.

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