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How to remove folding prop hub on saildrive

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Amongst other maintenance I'm wanting to do the zinc on the saildrive (SD20). I have Bri-Ski folding prop, got the blades off ok.

Got the lock bolt out as well .. was going so well.

I have a socket on the retaining nut and all I can do is turn the motor over. So jambed that up and now all I'm doing is moving the whole saildrive a inch or two, lots of elasticity in the system. 

How does one remove the elasticity to get the nut undone ?



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I put a steel rod thru the pin holes so you can pull aganst each other, when you put the hub back on make sure you put a good amout of marine grease on the spline  


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Same with me - rod (eg: very large screw driver) through the pin holes. And a big bar on the socket.

On my drive the securing nut is castellated and there is a split pin to remove first. This stops me from trying to over tighten the nut when remounting the prop.


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