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  1. Was the question framed to secure a "No" answer seeing as TNZ really want an excuse to go offshore?
  2. DoT

    Electric outboards

    Imagine being a electrician there...
  3. DoT

    What if...?

    Actually, it must have been July. I was there a month, arriving the day before midsummer - bonfire night. For a country covered in forest they really love the open fire.
  4. DoT

    What if...?

    I've sailed in Helsinki - in August though not January. Very nice blocks of granite everywhere. Islands set up with DIY barbeque hut and sauna. Very long days. You could go for a day sail at lunchtime and still be out 10 hours before sunset.
  5. Good question. I guess that's one of the things they're deciding.
  6. They'd better be surveying the rest of the island fast. I can't imagine it has only established in these two locations.
  7. DoT


    No5 is an ablative antifoul. You wouldn't want to haul and pressure wash with that. Harder antifoul like Ultra will stand up to regular high pressure washing, but tends to be a little less effective in the first place. Some of the spent oxide layers will still come off, more if you scrub it with scotchbrite or a sanding grid.
  8. DoT


    Looks hard to me too, but I've been assured it's not. I've seen some good face first splash downs, but there seems to be less to hurt yourself on than a windsurfer, and less to get tangled than a kite. Might just be worth a go.
  9. DoT

    Electric outboards

    The trains run panto graphs up to the wires. There are variants (which Auckland briefly ordered and then cancelled) that include a battery system. They charge where there are wires, but can run under battery power where there aren't. I assume the same could be done with buses.
  10. In NZ Kaiwaka make PVC based fully waterproof and windproof gear for commercial fishing (NZD $220 for a hi-vis parka) and sell the breathable stuff for recreational sailors (NZD$470 for a jacket). When it turns real bad I want to know that it's blocking the water and wind from the outside.
  11. DoT


    Hmmm, the godwit seems to have flown back to alaska, in one day.....
  12. DoT


    Check out this live (-ish) bird tracker. https://www.globalflywaynetwork.org/flyway/east-asian-australasian-flyway/map One of the tracked godwits is underway from Alaska, covering ridiculous distances every day.
  13. DoT

    Electric outboards

    The best use case for electric is things that see the high use. Cars that do lots of km every week, delivery vans and trucks, rubbish trucks, buses, should all be high on the list. There is a higher up front cost, but with savings on fuel and maintenance the payback is rapid. A typical yacht with an existing diesel does very few hours per year and is not worth swapping to electric, even though the efficiency below hull speed would make them easy to run.
  14. Definitely true that sitting out some of those summer storms on the beach of a sheltered cove would be preferable to hanging off two anchors wondering whether your windex will self destruct.
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