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Unique boat ownership opportunity

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Just throwing this out there really,  if it is of interest then message me and I will be in touch.

We have a Young 11 that i am not using using dues to kid commitments and that is likely to continue for the next 4-5yeats so offering up the use of it if you want to pay the marina costs plus some of the maintenance,  think a fixed amount of 1k a month with no money upfront.  (just need to work out the insurance requirements)

This would cover everything such as marina, insurance, antifouling, servicing etc which i will take care of,  and allow you usage of the boat when ever you like,  Boat will still be raced Thursdays in the summer and can be used for SSANZ and coastal etc.

Boat based Pine Harbour Marina.  Just an idea that if it works for both of us might get another family out boating 

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In a similar vein.

If anyone with an underused yacht or launch in Westhaven / Orakei / Bayswater wants to consider maintenance for occasional use options please let me know. With two teenage kids and dinghy racing and other family commitments, we can't justify a boat at present but I would love to give the family cruising experiences around the gulf. Owned keeboats for 20+ years but looked after the family classic launch more recently. Possibly an out of towner?


Jono Gravit

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