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  1. Sorted on the Dinghy. Thanks. Shes a bit of an oldie but goodie. A bit of glass patching and tidy up and it will be just what we need. A bit like Actionaire really. But you have to laugh - the pickup was from the Harbourmaster / Maritime Police unit in Mechanics Bay!
  2. Shes been having a nice time on a berth this summer after too long sitting on the mooring. But back out to Bayswater soon. We've done most of the Richmond Wednesdays but a combination of dirty bottom, old sails, and me doing a few races solo haven't helped. Normally start beside Titus Canby - because we both want the same spot, and then watch them slip away.
  3. The Actionaire 1/2 ton resurrection project continues. We are looking for a 2.7 - 3.2 hard dinghy to keep in the Northcote Sulphur Beach lockers and take out to a far mooring. We're currently using a 2.0 m rollup and it is less than ideal. Anything cheap will do. We can tidy it up. Conversely if anyone has a big Townson dinghy going spare I'm also interested. Thanks Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  4. Revolution is one of the better ones. It has extra freeboard over standard and lots of experienced owner improvements. Not that I'm biased or anything.... The big advantage of the 1104 over a 1020 is the interior volume. The extra beam makes a difference. And Revolution has the best cockpit in a boat this size outside an E1050. Not tender at all - she is a dream to sail shorthanded in a breeze. if anything considered a little sticky in the light vs a 1020. Weight with all the gear, water etc was around 5 1/2 ton on the travel lift. If it gets any cheaper I might have to hav
  5. I remember someone good owning it in the late 80s. Maybe Rod McCulloch - Gisborne? No idea when it made its way across the ditch. The Hopwood boats seem to have lasted pretty well. All the potential problems you mention could exist. A lot of the trailers had bunks rather than rollers. But they are little boats and the hours aren't too bad to fix if there is a problem.
  6. If you have time, give it a go. The worst is you stop in Tauranga after at least getting around the corner and deciding it isn't for you. I suggest Auckland to the Mercs. Mercs to Slipper or Mayor. Then to Tauranga. Then you need to allow for at least one overnight passage to get to Gisborne. Stopping in Tologa Bay or Hick Bay is fine if the weather is playing ball. You also get to get close up with White Island which is fun from a distance Then Gisborne, Then Napier. Both these clubs are really friendly, central and a great experience. Take an experienced friend to give you ext
  7. Anyone thinking about buying a decent offshore race boat should take a look at Frantic when she arrives. As I understand it she has a near new rig too.
  8. Anyone know the boat with the broken mast in the news this morning? Looks reasonably fast. Was it abandoned?
  9. Yes it has been getting harder for the average boatie for years. But that doesn't mean we allow the trend to continue. And for me the two real issues are capacity for yachts with masts in. Then accessibility for boats in the central harbour. In recent years we have lost the ability to paint on the grid at Westhaven, then we lost the grid at Westhaven. Then we lost Pier 21. I read the list of grids posted. Take away the club grids, the height restricted grids, and the grids past Rangi light or Browns Island and you are left with HMB, Orams, Hobsonville and the Landing. And guess what - as ratep
  10. Thanks both. I think I'm sorted from another regular poster on here who has 3! Mind you he also has more than 1 boat.
  11. Any old school bosuns chair wanted for a boat I'm helping tidy up. Alternatively if there is anyone at Bayswater who could lend me one next weekend that would be just as good. D53 - Actionnaire. Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  12. Rob Neeley is still active.
  13. V5 will eat the Antipodes SC72. She is the same speed as a good Ker 40. Mayfair for 2nd.
  14. It will be fine. Particularly if you are with a good dinghy club with others also making the same step up. Half of it is getting confidence around the increased size and speed. And once she has had a couple of capsizes and figured out how to right it life will be much more relaxed. We put a reef in our daughters main (1263) and she used it a lot. Even one day at the Kohi 50th Nationals. Ring if needed - I've had a bit to do with the Starling class in recent years. 0274 754 169
  15. I looked out over the harbour on Saturday morning and saw painted ships on a glassy harbour. "Ha" I thought to myself. It will be a long slow cold night for those crews. I almost felt glad I hadn't gotten organised to find a ride. Imagine my chagrin when I looked up the SSANZ site and saw the results, the elapsed times, and the amendments to SIs. "How unfair" I thought. A race committee with the sense to make life easy for themselves and the foresight to earn the eternal gratitude of the competitors. Nice work guys.
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