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  1. 2 down and still 1st =. No gear broken either.
  2. Still recall being on High Society D37 with Baldy and his equally impressive wife. They did move to the 42.
  3. But Matt will be fine on Krakatoa. He could do the double!
  4. If it is bubble racing please make it Saturday not Friday. I need the kids to sail and they have missed too much school this year already. Imagine - Tickled Pink Hilder Family, Playbuoy Pilkington family, Herbert family on whatever, Woolridge family on a Piedy, Nick Brewer might even get somewhere on his Young, Neeleys on Vagan, Stantons on Sister. And don't forget Dennis and Emily borrowing Fat Freddy. It could be awesome.
  5. Quite a bit of diffeerence between the "small" 52 Dr Who and JJF, and the bigger 55 Starlight and Emotional Rescue. I had a severe lust after Stormrider 780 when it was on the market last year. Couldn't face the divorce lawyer bills.
  6. Did my first ever Coastal race - AKL - Tga in 83 on a Davidson 35. Pegged the speedo at 15kn for any number of waves. When it went we set the #2 and were poled out still doing 11s. Then owned Archon for a few years. RIP.
  7. Another Saraband (funnily enough also ex Tauranga) Vitesse just popped up on TM. I remember her getting launched, and it was owned by a family we knew quite well for over 30 years. She was on the same pier as the family launch so I always cast an eye over her as we walked past. Looks like the current owners gave her a good birthday. The extra freeboard would be nice, but no walk through transom.
  8. Based on that sail number and launch date she must just about be the last launched.
  9. Lockdown Divisions For Auckland. Start, Tiri Stbd, Shag Is Stbd, Tiri Stbd, Shig Is Stbd, Finish Orakei. Tauranga start, Mercs Stbd, Mayor Stbd Finish A beacon Northland WHG start, Sail Rock Port, Mokes Port, Poor Knights Port, Finish Russell Wharf.
  10. The cheap boat costs are adding up. Why the Gori over say a 3 bladed Volvo prop?
  11. Any news regarding the Spring Regatta? Or is everyone hoping for L2 before then? If so, The Castle springs to mind.....
  12. A few comments Luckily the Gulf waters are generally flat - think chop rather than swell. So getting pooped / rolled won't happen. In any boat if you are heading downwind just a small or partly rolled jib will be safe. You won't need a drogue. A Noelex 22 is one of the safest boats in a breeze in NZ. It will go upwind in 30 knots without a reef.
  13. So it might be getting close to a turn and burn. People might have to take boring things like bedding and food and enough diesel / petrol to turn straight around and motor / sail home.
  14. Sorry for the thread drift. But NZTYA got it wrong in the mid 90s when they refused to recognise the only new boats getting built were fast ones. I wanted a remit where Cat A was (almost) anything goes as long as it was legal on a trailer. Then the Thompsons and 5.9s could have stayed in the fold with hiking straps, and the Magics could have joined in too. Bar takings would have gone through the roof. But no.... So I went off keelboat racing. Phil - I had it the other way too. RNZYS wasn't going to let me race when I shifted to Auckland because I had a T4XXX sail number.
  15. It could be part of the entry requirements. Photos of the usual equipment - anchors / flares / first aid etc Declaration of date of rig check by skipper and one crew / bubble Picture of life ring light, throw line set up in cockpit Job done.
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