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  1. Back in the day there used to be the Farr 38 Nationals. We were motoring back into Westhaven on the Saturday afternoon (on Otway 3) and watched Jenny G getting towed in behind Alan's launch at 23kn. The bow wave was up higher than the boom! Amazing sight. Alan Gibb's launch was the Lassiz Faire with 2 x 1000 hp motors in it. Warwick 60?
  2. Looking at those photos there is a certain wooden Y88 leading out...... We were probably first of the symmetricals to hoist and got deep and separated well. Precedent was the only small boat to get away ok from the windward end, they did well to soak down on the back of the big boys. We had an excellent leg around the back and then it was simply a matter of holding on while the big boats / 1020s came back at us. We got the kite up with the others on the second reach and had an ok drop at the Noises. Watched the Frog step away from us but held all the other 1020s on the beat home - ju
  3. If anyone wants spares / extra PFD cylinders I have a box of them that need to be rehomed. Yes, slightly smaller than the 33gm but a couple of puffs on the mouthpiece and you are at 150N. Some people also find that the shorter length cylinder suits their frame better. Happy to bring to the SSANZ briefing. Otherwise text me 0274 754 169 and we can sort out pickup.
  4. Sorry, yes Chris. Must have been rushing. Great story.
  5. And for those looking on enviously, sistership Lynx is for sale in Tauranga. Also well priced. Had a couple of very good owners over the years. People might even remember Dr Dave Cochrane before he went to the dark side and built the tri Dragon.
  6. Always a great race. Even when you have to beat to Channel on a R930! Did my first one as a 16 year old on a Davidson 35. Then a range of boats - Smallest boat 6.5m 2 handed where we didn't stop and turned around at the finishing line to go straight back (qualifier for Trans-Tasman). Largest boat 98 feet - race record.
  7. Jono G

    35 Footers

    As per Muzza. The Lotus 10.6 is a great coastal cruising boat than can happily get up to the islands with care. Phil Plimmer - Different Drummer (sp?) has done 1000's of Pacific miles on a 10.6. The Shiraz is an excellent traditionally based yacht that gives you the timeless and easy ride of a well built wooden boat. My Dad sailed a lot on Syrah when it was in Wellington before it went off cruising. It was a good racer cruiser back in the day but regarded solely as a cruiser now. They won the Cook Strait race one year as a low rater coming home on the sea breeze.
  8. We were out about 3pm and it was a long slow afternoon for them. Lots of boats on the water watching. The H class also looked great. Which one was showing the way with the cool A2? Photo attached. At the time these 2 were playing off the Oil Farm and LE was coming down the middle. I assume Tamatea was over the Bsyswater side. 100 Lipton Cup.docx
  9. In a similar vein. If anyone with an underused yacht or launch in Westhaven / Orakei / Bayswater wants to consider maintenance for occasional use options please let me know. With two teenage kids and dinghy racing and other family commitments, we can't justify a boat at present but I would love to give the family cruising experiences around the gulf. Owned keeboats for 20+ years but looked after the family classic launch more recently. Possibly an out of towner? Cheers Jono Gravit
  10. The Starling has filled the honour of being the first "proper" boat for many Kiwi sailors. Better than a P downwind, better than an Opti after a capsize, and no need for a crew. On Tuesday after racing there is a 50th celebration in the marquee beside KYC. All ex Starling sailors welcome. Details on the Kohi and Starling websites. For the record I had 485, a Knaggs boat and we also had 678 and 817. both Miller boats.
  11. After a number of years out with kids sailing, I'm seriously out of date with who might need crew for this series. Looking for a ride for all 3 races. Last race - Auckland Tauranga last month on a R930 Last SSANZ - the wild one in 2020, long course 100 miles on a Young 13. First SSANZ race - Probably 1996? Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
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