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  1. I've heard Lynx is coming to a mooring at Devonport soon
  2. He drew some lovely launches. His yachts were (mostly) a bit conservative for my tastes. But there was never any doubting the quality of them.
  3. Mike at NZ sailing in Silverdale. Dan at the Watershed Ask for a Jollyboat one.
  4. SSANZ do great work. Every two handed year is different and there has been the odd occasion where an initiative hasn't been done quite right on reflection. But don't stop innovating. That is why we keep coming back.
  5. I wouldn't recommend a change. Having owned a Cav 32, I think you will find that when sailing the cockpit is then at waterline as the water flow /displacement effect occurs. So other routing may not work - unless you like wet (ter) feet. While there is a seacock, it is meant to be left open, and is really only there to meet category requirements / potential maintenance. You shouldn't have any issues around structural integrity from the through hulls. The hulls are strong.
  6. Obviously Ilex doesn't get hauled at the landing - with reference to one of the Board members who voted to close.
  7. Even if the rudder moulds were available the design world has moved on a lot. I'd recommend getting a new design done. Better foil shape = less drag, better control, higher pointing. Plus depending on construction - lighter as well. A Wilson 45 - Ilex which is a 60s version / similar style just had this done and the owner was telling me how great it has been
  8. Here's a few. Calling in to say we had broken our rudder. But it was no issue we had another one (GBE). Getting knocked down by a big wave, the mainsheet hand goes through the leeward lifelines. Fortunately he was still holding the mainsheet which rounded us up head to wind and we dragged him back in. Same race, finished and all so wet and cold 3 of us huddled together under a wet kite to try and warm up. Doing 25kn in a Ross 930 going into Tiri Passage. Asked the owner do we keep pushing or drop the kite? Keep going was the answer. 5 minutes later we had a broken transom. The next Ross boat c
  9. Sad news but had had a great innings. The first big (back in those days) boat I ever skippered was the one tonner Domino when it was in Tauranga. Tauranga was a popular spot for Lidgard boats. Kailmera was a 50 footer before Black Sheep, then Regardless was sold into the club.. Another 40 - Double Image was also launched in the early 80s. We also had many a good Gold Cup / Commodores Cup race against Nimble/Nimrodel ? when we had Manhattan. Condolences to the family.
  10. You have to laugh....... So my skipper for R1 got Covid on Wednesday. However looking at the forecast that might be a good thing. Still available for R3.
  11. I have a ride for Race 1 but still available race 3. Thanks all.
  12. The Beale 35 Slice of Heaven looks to be a good match between $ and size and maintenance. Would be good for coastal trips.
  13. Hi I'm available if anyone needs crew for race 1 or race 3 (school holidays for R2). I think this year will be 25 years since my first SSANZ series so I'm used to 2 handed racing. Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  14. I had Cautelle with a small rig that has done all but the Tasman to complete a circumnavigation. Last heard of in Port Douglas. RIP Gary - he had a Harmonic originally and then went to the dark side after Simply the Best.
  15. I'm keen to crew Race 1 and / or Race 3 if anybody needs a fill in Cheers Jono Gravit, 0274 754 169
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