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  1. I have a ride for Race 1 but still available race 3. Thanks all.
  2. The Beale 35 Slice of Heaven looks to be a good match between $ and size and maintenance. Would be good for coastal trips.
  3. Hi I'm available if anyone needs crew for race 1 or race 3 (school holidays for R2). I think this year will be 25 years since my first SSANZ series so I'm used to 2 handed racing. Cheers Jono Gravit 0274 754 169
  4. I had Cautelle with a small rig that has done all but the Tasman to complete a circumnavigation. Last heard of in Port Douglas. RIP Gary - he had a Harmonic originally and then went to the dark side after Simply the Best.
  5. I'm keen to crew Race 1 and / or Race 3 if anybody needs a fill in Cheers Jono Gravit, 0274 754 169
  6. Doug Sturrock owns the 34 in Sydney referred to above. Bounces between the CYC and Pittwater. He bought it in NZ and sailed it over. I sailed a twilight with him a while back. Good yottie.
  7. That Spencer is a great boat if the boat builder is as Sneaky as I think. I recall he had one a number of years ago. Possibly stayed in the family - based on the vendor name? Many years ago I lived on a Cav 32. Fine for 1. Bunks would be cosy for 2.
  8. Convert to a chemical porta pottie. No skin fittings, holding tank, valve issues. Light.
  9. What a great day for a sail. A waterline race favouring the big fast light boats but no matter. The rain held off and the breeze was moderate and the water was mostly flat. We had a good day on the Ross boat. Beat boats we didn't expect to which is always good.
  10. Not many little boats this year.
  11. From the RAYC website. R4 Percy Jones scheduled to proceed Interesting, what does RAYC know that we don't? Or being hopeful? POSTPONED Saturday 25 September A decision on rescheduling this race will be advised soon Race 1 – Spring Regatta (Richmond Yacht Club) / Approx. 50nm NEW DATE Friday 11 February In conjunction with the Night Race to Kawau Race 2 – Roy McDell Memorial (Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron) NEW DATE Saturday 2 April In conjunction with the Haystack Race Race 3 – Bean Rock Race (Royal Akarana Yacht Club) Saturday 4 December GOING AHEAD! Race 4
  12. But not too close on the motorway side as you get too much road grime. ie L-O Pier aim for about #20 P-T aim for 10. On both sides I wouldn't be 1-6 as it is nice to have a little bit of runway if it goes wrong so you aren't on the rocks and it gives you a lot more privacy
  13. I see it is on TM. We can have a look after December 15.....
  14. yeah - naah Another one down
  15. Manly Sailing Club was adverising several old boats recently. They sound perfect for you.
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