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Um, I might be in the wrong race (again!) but I don't think racing starts for another 11 hours does it?


(or is this an april fools for the nothern hemisphere and I just got sucked in?? :oops: )

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This timing business is getting too complex when you don't have the time to watch races. I put in a comment to SOL if count down timers could be put ion each race. But they don't see it as important. Fair enough in some respects, but if that is the case, I think they need to reu e the number of races waiting to start. It's getting far too messy and confusing for us out side of the their zone.

Paul or someone with a little more clout on SOL than me, could you perhaps discuss this issue with the powers that be over there.

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Can someone please steer me. I am in sounds and BLOODY XT NOT WORKING OUT HERE!!!!!

I got a fraction of a signal to get this post off.

Will let you know when we are back on line proper.


No worries. I'm there for you buddy

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