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  1. Do 6 x Supertankers get their own division and prizes??
  2. Another consideration would be to use a snatch block or snap shackle so that the sheet / barber hauler can be led from OUTSIDE the lifelines by using your alloy toe rail. This would be a better solution when reaching as it would open the slot between mainsail and headsail wider. Perhaps using two barber haulers would make move the sheet outboard a lot easier and safer for solo sailors.
  3. Sorry can't help but the Harbourmaster or should that be "Harbour-mistresses" are getting so much younger these days
  4. Simplicity is good, but everything depends upon the loads involved on nice days and the abuse expected in stormy weather. Yours looks fine.
  5. On the S34, I used a small loop of spectra around the car to hold the double block to the car. The advantages were it was cheap, easy to replace but more importantly it transferred the "PULLING LOAD" point to the REAR of the whole car, avoiding the need to drill holes or fit saddles etc that could "Pull Out", wear or simply break. Effectively I was "pushing" the car forward as the loop transferred the load to the aft side of the car.. I like the idea of the continuous loop and the cable tie to keep the "Drop down" pin in the UP position. Our spectra loop has lasted over 6 years n
  6. To really enjoy cruising I would suggest a highly paid cook/chefette will help the relaxing a lot. As I don't enjoy cooking, this works for me!! (However I have done a lot of dish washing to compensate and reward the chef!
  7. Tradition states that there are 3 things you don't need: Wheel barrow, umbrella and a naval officer!! From UK Services Compo food packs, the boiled sweets packed inside a tin stay good for a long, long time until open when they immediately vanish!! The tins of creamed rice were prized as they can be eaten cold straight from the tin in the tropics or warmed up for colder nights or in higher latitudes. Good comfort food that seems to settle many stomachs!!
  8. 8 things to go wrong covers the major points of the compass as well as the: Portside, Starboard side, topside, inside, outside, lee side, weather side and "besides . . ."
  9. one with central heating, without leaks and with adequate rum!!
  10. I always was told there are only 2 REAL rules when sailing: 1. One hand for yourself and one for the boat, IN THAT ORDER! 2. Keep a weather eye peeled. Later I added to rule 2, "& think of the 8 things that can go wrong and how to avoid them". Seems to cover most situations, IMHO.
  11. PaulR


    I always thought a drowning person was always willing to pay well above the retail cost, even 10, 20 or 100 times or more for a lifejacket / life buoy that was still just out of arms reach so . . . . Just stay there whilst we process tour EFTPOS and then we will save you!! Yes a real rescue is the practical bonus for all the training the armed & emergency services do and we are so lucky to have such competent and well trained people in NZ. I am annoyed when people have insufficient or inadequate equipment. Then there should be an "education charge" and they have to buy the gea
  12. Others may want a nice shinny large washer "to go" with that split pin but they would be fussy types. Certainly looks nice.
  13. Pity but I did knot recognise you as DrW when I stepped on board for a rum. Was that you who disappeared fairly early on?? Will you be back tomorrow for different S34 bruises & rum??
  14. Once upon a time, many years ago in the past, I was told and cautioned that the Sydney ferries have a "local bylaw" giving them the right of way. How true? I don't know but it seemed like good advice at the time. They may be over 500 tons but my scales were out of balance!!
  15. PaulR

    Navman speed

    The first photo shows a Navman Instrument green PC Board with the gold connectors. Under this is the folded back (mylar?) plastic film connector strip and on the top edge you can see dirt / corrosion / differences in the amont of good vs poor contacts. Lower down again is the back edge of the Display panel. One could individually connect with a wire each contact to the display but the small size is way beyond my messy soldering. So the ZEBRA connector strip is designed to have 3 to 5 wires so at least the middle 3 conductors make good & appropriate contacts at 133 wires per inch.
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