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Brilliant! Will be a great addition to the class. You should come out for a sail on HLH sometime - it's about the closest thing to what you are going to build. We can drink beer and discuss boat building - I also have a vacume pump which you can probably borrow/have (it works but is pretty old and crappy).

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great to see the 8.5mtr class will have at least one F85SR


hope we can follow your build experience here


if you have an average? build time of 2 years you should be on the water after chch factory kit f22s but probably before? chch factory kit F85SRs


will Ian's carbon f22 mast mold be able to produce f85sr masts?


if so would you want one or have you other ideas for the rig?

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The fabled F85SR supposed to be building in Auckland?

winner winner chicken dinner


wow thats awesome news. The 8.5 class is still growing which is fantastic. any idea of launch date? If you need any help PM me im more than happy to do what I can and take you for a sail sometime.


Im looking forward to racing against an F85. I think they will be very quick in the right hands.

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Quick progress! Ah I remember that early rush of enthusiasm.... memories...


I take it you had the frames CNC cut and they are cut oversize by the width of the stringers? Saves crap loads of time cutting silly notches in the frames for the stringers.


Questions: 1. Will you be building in glass or carbon? 2. Are you going to be putting the farrier foils in? 3. How long a cabin will you put on and 4. How many rudders?

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yeah, frames were cnc. The dxf's from Ian already had the overcut so no messing needed either.



1. Carbon - price difference isn't too significant when you are building yourself

2. Err... maybe. I'll probably end up putting the foil cases in now, and think about the foils for a while

3. Short low cabin, the intention is that creature comforts will be limited to what's needed for racing and day sailing at the moment.

4. One rudder. Two only really makes sense to me if you are consistently flying the centre hull. The single rudder in the cassette also makes for easy beaching if required. Also the linkage with the folding thing looks like a pain. The plan rudder is pretty deep anyway. I might think about it down the track, but I see more definite performance gains elsewhere like:


Canting mast, ideally with some cunning auto canting mechanism to preset it a degree of two past the dihedral. I thinking rope and winches here, not hydraulic though.


Water ballast in floats and stern for the longer distance races- still sussing how to make this work easily



Oh yeah, and getting as close to minimum weight as possible


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Oh yeah, and getting as close to minimum weight as possible


With everything that you have suggested it will be awesome if you can get it near to minimum weight. When I have some free time next year I dont mind helping you with some of the boring jobs if you would like the help :D :D

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