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Auckland to Tonga Trip

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Hi Roger,Thanks for the tips ESP the pin in the mast step. The engine controls are in the companion way so out of the weather luckily.Morning Cloud has been up to Japan with the builder I understand so has some of the offshore gear such as the tri sail track you mentioned. Looking at the long list it appears that I may have to add 2 more cockpit drains for current regs. I wouldn't mind tapping your brains a little closer to re fit time for the Tonga trip for any South Pacific 42 specific info if that is ok with you. I am off to Fiji next weekend to crew for the previous owner of Morning Cloud to bring his boat back to Nz. It may have been him you saw as I have only had MC for a couple of yrs. thanks again for the tips. Cheers Michael

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Glad the info was of some use. Happy to provide any further info closer to the time. One thing I found useful for sailing from Fiji to NZ was using a full height short footed headsail, a bit like a blade, with battens in the leach. The battens were collapsable so that you could role them up round the forestay. This was useful with upwind sailing into heavier winds so I could carry it completely unfurled up to 25 knots, which left you with good sail shape. You know how awful headsails normally get with a few rolls in them hard on the wind. The smaller sail area didn't really slow you down too much in the lighter wind.


Hope the trip back from Fiji goes well , cheers Roger

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