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The Big 2014 Campaign (for those not doing RNI)

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Hi All,


Just thought I would put this out there to maybe spark some interest in others.


Booboo and I are looking at a bit more of a 2 handed campaign type program for the motorboat in 2014.


At this stage we are looking at doing the ssanz series, coastal classic and then finishing with the 3 kings race.


Is there anyone else interested in a similiar program or something along these lines. I figure this could be really good for those that want more than just the ssanz series but find the RNI2H a too bigger committment.



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Rob and I did all those races last year 2 handed and it was really good, and yes less committment than the RNI


At the moment the 3 Kings is a biannual event, so maybe you could use the White Island race?

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Really looking forward to some more quaility 2 handed racing.

I would love a new event too. Something with a stopover somewhere or even a few stopovers but quite long. about as long as you can get still in cat 3 to keep the cost down and open it up to smaller boats with outboards.

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:thumbup: :thumbup:

the Panmure 3-legged is a great weekend but i would like to see something like that as Booboo seems to mention but longer.



Kingfish at white

Marlin at the kings

Harpuka at Ranfurly

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