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  1. "where has the RAYC gone" Are we serious, perhaps you should do some research such as why the areas set aside for boat storage are now a restaurant and restaurant storage. Maybe that's why the RAYC wants some boat storage now.
  2. AYBA has been fighting this since the beginning. Plenty submitted against it but were they all counted? Yes the give a little page is low for what we need, glad that makes some happy and perhaps its the constant negative comments that don't help either. We have also received support from many direct into the AYBA account, but are still short. The council needs money, so it shuts down a business that was giving it an income and now has to come up with funds to pay a third party for security, ramp cleaning, pontoon maintenance (already parts missing), fresh water costs (although
  3. The AYBA will be having a meeting soon i believe as to how far it is to pursue these cases and how many it will fight as this is totally dependent on funds. Here's an update and more can be read here https://www.ayba.org.nz/blog/post/103082/april-2023-update/ Prior to the Super City there were 8 Councils in the Auckland Region and over-seeing our coastline and regional parks was the Auckland Regional Council. Today there are 21 Local Boards making local decisions for their area and there is no co-ordinated Regional Plan for the protection of our coastal and marine environment.
  4. Hi Terry info and links here, https://www.ayba.org.nz/submissions/ Big or small any greatly appreciated, please share far and wide
  5. https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/116638559/why-is-auckland-council-so-eager-to-sell-prime-waterfront-real-estate-to-a-millionaire-developer have a read, and support us. It's not just about one
  6. thanks to those of you who have donated. While support from the boating fraternity is poor in numbers others are still fighting. For those interested here's where they presented to ACC, watch from around 18.25
  7. Thanks to those of you who have donated. While support from the boating fraternity is poor in numbers others are still fighting. For those interested here's where they presented to ACC, watch from around 18.25
  8. You are correct Elly Both these cases are part of the AYBA & AMUA drive for a Strategic Plan of all our Coastal Resourses - Launching ramps, haul-outs, public access, club facilities, fore shore reserves, etc. Future Proofing the ongoing access to our harbours and Gulf for all Aucklanders to be able to enjoy the Coastal and Marine environment in perpetuity! They have filed an appeal against the development at Bayswater and costs are already rising. The Landing has also employed legal counsel. Bayswater (followed closely by The Landing) are the first two. The case against Bayswater
  9. Approved, they wanted invoices to date
  10. Agree and believe someone will be doing that as well, (I'm hoping)
  11. And here is a comment (unofficial) i heard through the grapevine. One of the reasons the give a little page was started is to gauge support from the wider boating community. So if a few donate a bit there is not much support and perhaps they need to reassess what they are spending. If thousands (which there are) donated a little it would show support and help send the message. This is about pushing for a commitment from council to have a plan that existing marine facilities and regional assets that allow marine users to access the water are kept and improved on whether it be for rowi
  12. They have written to most councilors (and a couple are on our side) along with MP's etc. And yes i pay to but i would like them to remain.
  13. They were, if they were not they couldn't appeal. Perhaps more should offer to help the few that are fighting for us all.
  14. They have been involved from the start and the page is pending waiting for the secretary to reply with id etc, must of been a holiday yesterday.
  15. It's not over yet, the AYBA (Auckland Yacht and Boating Association) has joined the fight along with the support of the AMUA (Auckland Marina users Association inc.). The first is to appeal Bayswater as by doing so this will also help the case for The Landing and other sites. So please consider making a donation here and perhaps add "crew.org" after your first name. https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/bayswater-marina-needs-to-remain-a-marine-precinct
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