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  1. I hope every one is looking at what is proposed and that there will be objections and lots of. "associated car parking and marine-related commercial activities will be upgraded" all existing marine related activities are gone and only retail type industries will possibly be in the new development. The boat ramp will now be unusable for most if not all and trailer parks are basically gone. Unless it's a jet ski as that's about all that will fit. While the majority of current users are power boats this also rules out the kids training with 470's and there coach boats which are often
  2. Wasn't surprised that this has surfaced again but disappointing is what comes to mind along with the attitude of the marina association, especially within the Auckland area. Have had several dealings with marina's, boat owners, and inspectors regarding this topic including communicating with Brian Leyland also mentioned. Several marina's and inspectors were very keen to get a working group together to discuss and come up with a system that would suit all marina's within NZ and above all be safe. But not from Auckland it seems. I'm sure we can remember one marina in particular and insp
  3. Bids going and then withdrawn again, got to be a bit more to the story here
  4. Cheers, Just got a call from Coastguard who had one returned so hopefully sorted.
  5. Trying to find a infant life jacket, waiting for Coastguard to ring back but anyone else got any options or one I can borrow. On the shore and need to get it today tomorrow morning if pos. Cheers, txt me if you do have something 021957015
  6. watched this some time ago, thought it was a great little vid but as you say interesting in some points and they didn't die
  7. terminals 2 & 5 you got another jack point, have a look at that one
  8. each time I talk to Mike he's giving it away then somehow ends up in another country doing another. Can't help himself. Top effort and well done
  9. http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/2014/10/06/video-coasties-saving-man/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook
  10. Yep there is hope and then all going well we'll see how many actually join up and support the new club or just simply want to tie up get free water and use the bog.
  11. Agree with IT Plus whangarei harbour, it will be a pig to sail around unless your going with the tide in the channel. If budget is a major part I still say trailer sailer.
  12. I'd agree with that That mummery doesn't quite feel right, not all pics are of the boat so why have them.
  13. If your keen on a keeler, or actually whatever start saving and watching them. I'd suggest making an offer as many sit there for ages. Motoring back with that KM last weekend and was surprised at the number sitting there abandoned, and some still in good nick. Family cruiser, how many how old. Are you new to cruising ? My thoughts, if your new and keen to get her-in-doors out on the water a trailer sailor. Like Island Time says this will be a lot cheaper in the long run, and if things get tight can be parked up with possibly no expense and a lot easier to maintain. Whangarei
  14. Good to see you joined up Will and welcome aboard.
  15. Coffee ordered, text safety boat driver to make sure he's up and I'm on the way to the ramp Driving down the road, pass a lifejacket, bit further on here's another Oh what i'll turn around and get them, probably some poor kid getting ready to go for a sail and no jackets Get to the ramp no other boats around, oh well they can stay in the car and i'll figure out how to find the owner later Wander down the ramp coffee in hand and here's our great leader, backed the boat down [he managed that] standing looking around the boat Pass the coffee aboard and he comments, "i'm sure I put some life
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