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New Rig for a 930

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Am working out what to do about a Rig replacement.


I inverted & damaged the old rig last week.


Option 1) replace existing section with identical


Option 2) Get a carbon stick, and fit it out myself use existing Aluminium spreaders etc.



There are a few 930's out there with Carbon Rigs, have no idea who made them. Would be good to have a few pics of the Carbon rigs, how many spreaders 2 or 3?. Are they still 3/4 fractional or 7/8 etc.


Who made your Rig?

what did it cost approx?

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Grant Jenkins (Kiwi Rigging) built most of them. He built the new rig for Fineline too. I'd say definitely go carbon... We took a lot of weight out which improves the righting moment but also the extra stiffness means its very easy to maintain forestay tension. It also reduced the pitching motion when sailing into a chop which makes the boat much nicer to sail.

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Looks good to me.


Anybody know who Manufactured the Rig rather than who put it up?


I was thinking 3 spreaders would be required, rather than two.


Was even thinking an FT10 Rig might slot straight onto a 930?



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Give me a call or send me an email, Info@nzrigging.com

we purchased all the carbon mast manufacturing equipment, autoclave, molds and IP from Sneaky and have it all operating and already build a number of tubes in our factory in Northcote,


Happy to give you a quote for a new carbon section fitted out to as much or as little as you need





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hey Stu


I can confirm that bart from nz rigging did a superb new cathedral rig for my Ross 780 Rafferty rules. He was awesome to deal with and the rig came in at a really good price.



Yes, Bart and his team do a really nice job, I would also recommend them...

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Then the next question is the rig configuration.

Fast Co is set up for a full overlapper #1 on the forestay, the No Worries / Pepe configuration is a 110% approx and Code 0s. This would impact on whether you go for 1 or 2 m/h halyards.

It is also probably most dependent on your current chain plate configuration, both sweep and where they are in relation to gunnel and then also crew skills.

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