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  1. Thanks folks... unfortunately three of those are places I have tried unsuccessfully already to get anyone interested in doing the work. Looks like I might have to put up with the old canvas for bit longer.
  2. I have been trying to get someone to give me a quote to replace the dodger, boom cover and sheet bags on my boat. I thought I would get in before summer so I have been trying to get someone to do the work for the past few months. So far everyone I have spoken to is either too busy or fails to comes back to me with a quote. Is there anyone reliable (that doesn't cost the earth) that you can recommend for canvas work on a boat at Westhaven please?
  3. Which model is the Banten AIS splitter?
  4. What sort of condition are the masthead transducers in? I would like to have a spare one. Same plug as the ST60? I have mine connected to an ITC-5 now. I’m down a few ST60 sun covers after the last storm too!
  5. The cruising bus reaching in to the finish line....
  6. I am trying to get my ducks in a row to get Cat 1 for my boat... emailed Alex Simonis last night to see if he had any stability info on file and he came straight back to me with calcs and a GZ curve that show LPS of approx 122 degrees. That's one more job of the list. Tick!
  7. That is the fine line between public relations and advertising!
  8. This is what the dark art of public relations is all about... if someone provided the publisher with professionally written copy, high quality photos and a good reason to publish it then there is a lot more chance of seeing it in print. Most media organisations don't have the time or the resources to generate all of their own content. If you can make it easy/compelling for them to print what you want then there is a much higher chance of it happening.
  9. I'm after a Forespar (or similar) bayonet style spinnaker pole end fitting for a 100mm OD spinnaker pole i.e the mast end for a pole that is setup for dip pole gybing. Doesn't matter if it's a smaller as I can machine an adapter to suit. Got anything lurking in the garage that might work?
  10. I managed to get a couple of routes out of it but now I keep getting "Polar failed" even though the polar data I have entered has data right out to 45kts and there is nothing in the grib that exceeds that. I'll keep digging.
  11. Actually it looks like I was entering the positions in the wrong format so they didn't line up with my grib file. It's off computing a route now... fingers crossed this one works...
  12. Question for you IT... I'm trying out the weather routing plugin in OpenCPN again and I'm getting a "No data: failed" error. I have a a current grib that covers the area and time range that I need a polar file but I can't seem to make it go. Any debugging tips?
  13. Looking at the GPS coordinates I would say they were South and East of it: https://www.transpower.co.nz/sites/default/files/publications/resources/cook-strait-booklet-2011.pdf 18m of waterline length!
  14. Any word from Ilex on what they need? I have a garage full of tools, epoxy, boat bits etc if they need anything.
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