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From the website


Early DNSs


Two boats withdrew within 20 minutes of the start:


Young Entertainer with a split main a couple of minutes after the gun, and Stealth Mission wtih a broken mast. All is okay and they are heading home.

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From Fish:


TVS and TA just passing flat rock, 11:10, TVS has about a 1 minute lead, both boats flying, as viewed by telescope from Whangaparaoa




I can't quiet tell what's going on, but TVS don't appear to be sailing in the right direction, and TA look to be ahead, TVS appeared to be heading for Barrier for a bit, all off the back of Kawau, need a bigger telescope...



Giacomo north of Tiri channel now and smoking, 11:22



Two square topped mains now north of Tiri Channel, probably multis one is bigger than the other, the little one has the legs


Maybe Charleston & Taeping?.


TA gone out of sight around Kawau, TVS still mucking around North of Flat Rock

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From Fish again



First bunch of A div are clear of Tiri Channel, a square top in the lead, then two pin heads having a close tussle, looks like V5 is one of them, followed by an IRC square top.


Giacomo now at flat rock.

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The all girls team on strider seem to be going well and having a good time. just in from scubash


Cathy and Dom happy on the rail. Sash is in control of the boat and im off to have a nana nap although its getting quite wet
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From Taeping@12.04

4th on the water behind 2x60's and a Volvo 70. Been lots of west at times but just gone norht. Dead maggot till the front comes. Charleston alongside going very nicely. No others in sight. Beautiful weather and 15-25 kn

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n ot to sure if this has been posted or not but here i go. just in from team auzzy


Oops! Bugger the lashing broke on our Solent good scramble by the boys to change some working on sail up others grappling to get the one down.

TVS just outside us we feel happy in on the beach left pressure coming so moose & Sean are comfortable with our position

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From the girls onboard strider.


Finally gaining ground on boats that overtook us at the start. Ashley cant sleep down below as the girls keep talking


Go figure.....your women and what else are you going to do in a coastal.

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another one from the girls...guess their going to be getting a bottle of rum if more updates come in from teh rest of the fleet.


averaging 6-6.5 knots guessing 5 miles to kawau. Skipper still no sleep. Time for ipod to drown out loud crew

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Absolut Leisure @ 12.47 Half way between Tiri ansd kawau. 7 kn boatspeed


Superbird to Cruz@12.32

Still with reef in main, we have Pulse down to leeward and ahead. Dan third crewmember has had a couple of barfs - hope he comes rite soon before there's nothing left of him. Approx 2nm past Tiri. Can't get tracker running - waaah.


Elevation@ 13.02

At Whangaparaoa, cracked sheets, a little wet

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Black Panther

Off air for a short period while I rowed out to the boat retreived the anchor which was hanging vertically, motored back to Arkles and re anchored. (Bloody long row in a pissant little inflatable - I want a real dinghy!)

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All is well on board Giacomo, we got some squiggle cookies onboard and some lolies so the crew is happy! the wind is straight on the head so lots of tacks! We will have a video up for you hopefully tommorow but probably sunday!!





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Some updates fromn the website


About twenty minutes ago, Vodafone and Team Australia rounded Cape Rodney virtually neck and neck.


At 1256hrs Vodafone was a mile ahead.


Vodafone took the direct line from Kawau into Omaha Bay. Team Australia stayed to sea, but are well set up for the approach to Rodney. Vodafone were going towards Little Barrier, but tacked to head North.


Australia is having an issue with its solent - Mike Sanderson reports in that they broke the lashing at the head of the sail and lost a couple of miles. TeamVodafone has had its own issues in the form of a problematic starboard primary.


Eyewitnesses report that Giacomo is in third, and Taeping fourth.


"There has been lots of west at times but it's just gone north," says Tim Willetts, skipper of Timberwolf. "It's a dead maggot till the front comes. Charleston is behind us going really nicely. No others are in sight. It's beautiful weather and 15-25 knots."


The breeze - and the pressure - is building







It's been such a big build up for Ash Rogers the skipper of Strider, that she's already downstairs taking a nap.


"I'm curled up near my chart table and I just discovered a cubbyhole to put all the charts in. How long have I owned the boat and never noticed that before?" she asks.


The mighty Strider is gaining ground and over taking boats that had overtaken them at the start. That must be a good feeling!


The going is a bit wet, but trucking along at about six knots with a reef in the main and a headsail.




The first monohulls are around Cape Rodney, reports a helpful resident at Leigh. Sounds like a good steady race.




Sorry, no tims on those :(

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