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  1. My uncle also built his own amphibious boats back in the 80 as well, not as flash or refined as the sealegs but more fun. bill Gibbs brought a few of them back then too.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj2iVNuqU1Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tj2iVNuqU1Q
  2. Shane B

    2:1 halyard hardware

    Ed on Charleston just we used a homade setup like the attached pic, of course to get max hoist you need a rebate in the head board, on the new boat I am useing a simple soft whichard block. https://marine.wichard.com/fiche-A|WICHARD|21104-0201010000000000-ME.html
  3. What about Te Kooti, the Simpson cat advertised to Trademe at mo, bit more expensive but looks more setup for cruising - semi comfortable inside. Won't measure as an 8.5 thou with 14 m air draft. But positive of rig is that you can comfortably sail on light days. Think it has done a bit of racing as well and is no slouch. - Shane B
  4. & imho If it is on a boat that gets regulary dismantled, tramps taken off - then a continous line is best as it is quicker. But prone to chafe & hard to get tight. If you do not plan on pulling boat apart then single lashing are better but take a long time. & you can get really tight if you spend time & will last longer as there is no movment. Cheers Shane
  5. Ballystick do you think you could correct the under 10.66 record for multis, should be Attitude not Timberwolf, Cheers Shane
  6. One short one of Excess trying to fish with its front net. & another on of our race from on board Charleston - Shane
  7. Ken our system on charleston runs like this. May be useful to you. Furling line crosses over it self behind the drum then runs back thru a pulley on the main beam each side at the hulls, then back to a pulley in the midd of the back beam. This means you can use it anywhere. Note the pulley on the back is on shock cord running from midd beam so that the furling line always stays tight. You do not want it twisting as you pull the furler out to the end of the prod ( assuming your furler does not live out there) Feel free to have a look in at the boat in westhaven. -Shane
  8. Charleston’s Report – Little Barrier & back Had an OK start with space magically opening up at boat end after Triple 8 & Excess reached off down the line just the before the gun otherwise we looked locked out. Managed to roll over Triple 8 & Excess just before having to tack onto port at Rangi shoreline, dipped a few smaller keelboats to find a clear lane thru the keelboats & flopped back onto starboard to go out thru Motiuhe passage, Excess, Taiping & Triple 8 basically all tacked on our hip. Excess took the low road around the back Mototapu thru the keelboats & looked to suffer for it, after the Noises the order was us Taeping Excess then Tripple 888. Reach across to Little Barrier was very bumpy, we were leaping off waves & coming to very sudden stops into next, leeward hull was more like a half tide rock, would be nice to have some lifty things down there perhaps, boat speed btwn 15 & 18, was very hard to find any constant groove. We sailed the Rhumb line on this leg, Taeping was on our hip till about half way across, mayby 400m behind with Excess another 400 back, about half way across Taeping decided to go high & then come screaming back down with a reacher on, they looked to pass back thru the rhumb line about in line with excess so may have lost a place in this manoeuvre. Looked weird looking back at Excess as they looked quite elevated over the tops of the swells at times, so obviously doing a bit of foiling. At LB both Excess & Taeping came right back into us before were able to get out masthead on. About halfway round Excess stopped & rounded up with something broken I guess, this is the last we saw them , glad to see they were able to carry on & finish. Cleared Little barrier & the next obstacle, was the 3 Japanese naval ships one NZ Frigate which were doing some sort of manoeuvres directly on our Course line. Stayed high initially to avoid these which helped in the end. Managed to lay back to inside of Tiri, with Taiping directly behind most of way and slowly catching, could also Triple eights sail slowly getting bigger behind just . Once thru Tiri we were able to sail inside our woollies for max height ,being overpowered, in the perfectly flat water. We hit rangi shore right on Rangi light & laid across to to narrowneck, 2 more Tacks & finished with a nice little squirt of 17 knts boat speed across finish line. Most of our 15 minutes , on Taeping was in the last 8 miles of the race. Was a race of 4 tacks & 1 Jibe for us, enjoyable boat speed race with Taeping & Excess until LB. Cheers to SSANZ for a good series. Shane
  9. Dave I have one gathering dust, probably even matches mainsail you brought. Luff is about 12.5, foot probably about 3, soft hanks, will check size tommorow. - Shane
  10. Really enjoyable racing yesterday - perfect conditions for the old crapper against the new beasts. Vid link attached - bit longish - Shane
  11. Split of 4 WL days & 6 Harbour course days sounds good to me, (bit of variety) So as long as it does not reduce the numbers & regulars e.g Taeping, TWU, voadafone? etc who proably prefer the harbour courses - don't know who else sails. I would be keen for it. Cheers Shane
  12. Vid of last squaddy wed race. Quick race out to Mackenzie buoy & back. Sailed twice past a broken Vodafone Try the Embed thing watch?v=pd8Hiq2YIPA - Shane
  13. Vid of this race from on board Charleston, (Not a 8.5 sorry). Quite a few shots of other boats in it. - Quite a congested DDW startline Vid has got speed overlay on it, although seems very undamped. - Shane
  14. v=of7AzoZAovA Vid of the last Wednesday night race - Bit of Foiled trying to foil after the start in the fluky Gusty breeze off of the city, & a bit of taping & some 8.5s in the last part.
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