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  1. Just spotted- if he makes it home on the dodgy trailer look out on trade me for the next bargain.
  2. Just spotted Mr Rudolph Shack and his new project.
  3. What exactly are the advantages of Junk rig in a small boat?
  4. would either need to be a very niche buyer or need a re rig so doubt $20k is a go. Normal ravens are sub 10k.
  5. Take the end bits off, measure required ID and call Kilwell in Rotorua, they often have carbon tube sections for cheap as. I got my carbon spin pole off them for less than an alloy section, was a mast section that had a blemish which was cut off when we cut the section to size.
  6. Haha, the don’t work that well at Mach 2.2 so probably no good on your rocket ship.
  7. Love my B and g Vulcan, can network it to receive and display wind, heading, depth, stw etc. also expand to take radar and fish finder later. If you have Simrad TP you can control from the display. On my network it gives me more info than I will ever need including lay lines, wind history, sail steer, tides etc.
  8. That looks like a pretty good. I’ve had a chat to an engineer and will try to use what I have. Retracting would be good as 1.7m out the front makes the LOA closer to 12.5m which is a hassle for berths etc. I have the tubes now so I guess beefing up the anchor locker and reinforcing the big tube to take the loads with some margin will be the go.
  9. Wow quite a move. I want to stick with a J -keel if possible and stay around the 2.3m draught so will probably stick with the current keel for now but maybe a project for the future. Have conatcted and engineer re. the Sprit setup.... It feels doable for now. My keel leading edge sits directly below the trailing edge of the mast which looks a bit different to your original setup too?
  10. Keel job is probably a future task (big$$$) and I sail in shallow harbour so the T-keels are probably a bit to deep. Forestay tension is no biggie the rigging is 7mm Dieform and the bobstay is 8mm, both are strapped done hard. the forestay is fixed quite high on the mast so the backstay off the boomkin really tightens it up. The rig itself is a bit of a beast. with the A-frame the weakest link by far. The thinking is to laminate the carbon tube section super strong so it effectively extends the bow out 550mm then have a retractable sprit section in side it.
  11. That is an option, but I think the set-up is to balance the rig out and carry more sail area as the chain plates were moved to the gunwales, preventing the use of overlappers. She can be a handful reaching sometimes so suspect that was to reduce the rounding up that can happen.
  12. Nah, just a tidier set-up, and dont entirely trust the A-Frame as the alloy sections have a few big holes in them.
  13. Can anyone help with a basic carbon engineering question. I've got an Elliott 10.5. Current set up is A frame alloy sprit which holds the forestay out 55cm with a bobstay to the knuckle (see pics) I then have a carbon selden sprit to run the FR0 and Gennakers off going out another 120cm. I got given a (Thanks BooBoo - bloody legend) a section of 120 OD x 5mm wall carbon tube (probably around 120cm of usable length.) So my questions are: 1. will the tube support the forestay/bobstay in compression? 2. If how would you reinforce inside the boat, is this a over enginee
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