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  1. Went out of Whitianga on 23rd in 40 foot yacht. Was character building for sure. What was surprising was how far out the waves were forming so that when you waited for a lull the next set would get to you before you could get behind them. Would have been good to watch.
  2. Three times in last two weeks between Barrier and Tauranga had weed foul prop. Never happened before. There was large clumps all over the place as result of big swells. Have folding 3 blade prop. Each time was able to clear by going to neutral to try to fold prop then hit reverse to the extent of making boat back up. Then back to forward. Each time prop cleared. This on sail drive. I think the weed folds around sail drive and you need to back up to remove it.
  3. Easy to see Will's away cruising and nothing to do but play on inter web thingy. How far North did you get?
  4. Yep cockpit drains always an issue. If to many people boarded like customs etc we would have to kick half of them off as the cockpit rapidly filled. No problem at sea though make sure they are crossed so that leeward drain goes out the high side. We filled the cockpit with the hard pack life raft to cut down volume. I sold my Contessa here the last I knew it was up at Greenhithe. I thought the other one was sailed from Vancouver.
  5. Great to see the photos of the Contessa 26. Many memories, back in early 70's a bought hull and deck in Canada as they were produced in both England and Canada. Put it together and sailed the Great Lakes then a 3 year voyage down Eastern seaboard through Panama and ultimately back here. I started out with an outboard and changed to a 8hp Petter diesel as it became quickly apparent whilst in calm water it was ok the prop lifted out in any seaway and was next to useless in many entrances to harbours. We would not have seen many of the places we went with the outboard or been able to transit Panama. But each to his own. A great little yacht and its passage times were equal to much larger yachts that were following same route. The aft hung rudder allowed us to put a trim tab on it then thru a horizontal wind vane which could steer much better than me.
  6. Keel on Not Negotiable. I have looked into changing to a more modern one but there are some issues. There are substantial floors in the hull which would carry it but there is also a stub molded into the hull which protrudes about 150mm underneath which is same as Fastlane. To do it properly this would need to be cut off if a smaller fin was attached. This problem has been worked many ways on Y11's and photos can be found on the web. Having raced against Fastlane many times she is quicker in the very light and Not Negotiable is quicker when it blows above 10knots as she stands up to her sail better. Not Negotiable has a more powerful rig with masthead gear.
  7. I have just swapped out 2gm 20 from saildrive replaced with 3ym. Needed more grunt. It is a good runner if you are interested.
  8. I imported a couple of these panels about a year ago. Bought them with zips in and just zip them into the dodger top when go cruising. A word of warning in that they are only low voltage about 10volts and my MPPT controller would only step down any volts to 12 not step up so couldn't get any power until I put them in series to get 20 volts in the system. Like all panels they work at about only two thirds of rating and then in good light. Overall through out day I would say you get just over half of rating but I have two 40watt panels which take care of my fridge and a bit more.
  9. Ballystick did PM me we had a very civilized discussion, all is now good in the land of "Rena".
  10. I guess I will put my two cents worth. I was the "offending" driver and incidentally not the normal driver who was not on the boat. You guys had a great leg and leading the fleet and were clear in front all the way up the beat, we had to much rag and staggered along behind. At the top end the wind softened and we got back some. You tacked about 150m out onto the layline which made you vunerable as you then had no options. We came in on port about 50m out. We could not cross you and didnt want to anyway. We tacked under you as we would have hit had we carried on. By your own admission earlier in the thread you bore down on us for whatever reason. The prudent thing would have been to say "bugger" but sit on our hip and round right on our tail and then attack us down wind. But the result of you crossing under our stern ,which shows we werent going to hit, was that you didnt make the mark and ended up having a discussion with the big boat charging in. Later in the leg we had the little whoopsy shown in wednesday pics and you got back in front.Then on the reach into the last mark we stayed up high out of the tide you straight lined more and we caught up. We then came in on a hotter angle with more boat speed. The red mist must have been still working so you hardened up to squeeze us up and you rounded the mark with mm to spare we didnt even comment but just ducked under your stern with lots more boatspeed ,as your squeezing got you almost stopped, we passed to leeward and gassed you and that manouver took you from 2nd to 4th place. I am very happy to go to the room to discuss my actions and dont believe we broke any rules. When I race Im trying to win not to be nice to people. I will not gift you a win you have to work for it. PM if you want to discuss.
  11. Would be very tempted to follow up Willow for this one so Whitianga would really suit. Having done more than my share of double and singlehanded I would caution having courses that have skinny bits to go through well into the race as when 20 hours into it a bit of sea room can be important for tired people.
  12. Double N has running backs as do most Y11's so that just goes with the territory of a fractional rig. Oracle nearly had me cause a nasty burn with with my cup of coffee with his post but there were plenty of truth seekers out there. We did see the back of her in the RNI a couple of times and very close at night a couple of times but managed to wriggle free at the end of every leg. Maybe it was his watch those couple of times when they got in front which has clouded his memory and sleep deprivation got the better of him at the end of the leg. All in all it was a close race and we could see each other nearly the whole way. Fun racing
  13. Well maybe Willow can't let these proddy things get the better of me. But next weekend no flash stuff dont want to show to much on the handicap race. See you out there. I reckon a prod on your old girl would get the juices flowing. Cheers
  14. Having let the dust settle and everybody have their say as a long time lurker its probably appropriate that now I get to say my bit. Especially as there is now 4 pages devoted to the great ship Double N (as half of you have guessed). She is not on the market and hasn't been but of course everything is for sale. To answer the question a Young 11 will beat a Young 99 just look at the handicaps on racetrack. Maybe a well sailed 99 with new rags will head off an Y11 with old rags. Looking at another thread I see a bunch of usual suspects are looking at the RNI again, maybe these old bones have got a fourth one in them. One would think I would have learn't after three.Its unfinished business as after looking at Daniade's stern all the way round I've worked his plan, put a bloody great big anchor on roller on the bow and you go downhill all the way. Nonstop I didn't mind that you got a better handicap than me but to show up with a prod and gennakers and disappear over the horizon at Mangonui took a couple of years off my life and I want them back so you wont get away with that next time. Oracle after having two close encounters around the sharp bits of the country in the middle of the night throwing away half your rudder to get less wetted surface was a plan that didn't work. So maybe I need a cunning plan of my own. Smithy for a guy who wanted to go slow and quiet on purchasing I don't think you have achieved that especially when you show poor old Double N ends naked bottom on prime time.
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