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A few days back some 8.5 sailors were discussing how we should move the class forward. 


Leaving out the design restrictions, discussion covered how to encourage similar boats to come sailing more.


There are several older GBE's and the likes floating around Auckland and elsewhere which could really add to the numbers.


I thought I would ask my partner what she felt could improve things. About the only idea we collectively came up with was group cruises "in company".


For us it's a tough call, as I am a racing sailor thru and thru, where she prefers the laid back relaxed type of sail. Having young kids also restricts us somewhat, although they are starting to enjoy the boat more as we get it sorted out.


The upcoming Kawau weekend looks like a step in the right direction. Cruise up Friday, race Saturday if keen, then cruise back Sunday. Coupling that with some shorebased activities and other fun stuff it should be a winner.



Another issue could be that people struggle to find time to commit to a full race series. I know the fully crewed 50's like a long series, more chances of getting favoured conditions etc. but for a lot of people time is tight, and a short two-day series maybe a fortnight apart could be more suitable.


I certainly can't commit to a 9 race series taking up months, but I can commit to the odd weekend or two.


Running a sort of "mini series" within a series should be pretty simple, from an admin side nothing changes, then we can just filter out some results, kinda like the racetrack series that took place over winter.


I'd love to hear other's thoughts.

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Not quite like that eric! (Although very good analogy).


Ive had voom 6 years. Boats that used to race in that time that no longer do:


Creepy Crawler

Ocean Pacific

Orient express (at least 1 nats)


Putiki express

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Whatever happened to cubic?


But yes, more informal cruise trips of a weekend through the summer would be good, just out to motuihe for lunch on the beach or something like that

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if fit guys


raced around inviting every fatty with running shoes 


to a 1km road race


how many would turn up?


I guess that would depend on how much free beer and sausages were at the finish line.


And how the results were worked out. Using racetrack would give all the slow boats (like mine) a good chance of getting in amongst it all.


And simple courses, not everyone likes to push the boat handling aspect.

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