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Iridium Go

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We used ours again in 19 in a trip to Fiji. Bought new simcard,Did the firmware update.

Nothing about the process is intuitive but support is good and they're patient enough to work you through it.

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same as John B, used one for 5 mths last year in the Sth Pacific.

Mine was set up by a guy who knew his way around the GO so that was quite painless. 

Generally worked well within its limitations, using it for emails, Predictwind weather and its tracking function. Found it useful amongst the islands to keep in touch with home when the local cell networks were either out of range or not functioning.

Latency was an issue when trying to make calls, I could hear the person at the end of the call but they could not hear me. Previous year using exact same modem call performance was better.

Be aware with emails in the Iridium system that these can only be accessed via the GO, if you have emails you need to archive they need to be manually forwarded to a regular email.

A few people on ICNZ rally had modem hardware failure and had to obtain replacements. The micro USB socket for charging is very weak and a couple of these broke off their motherboards. Most of us had software problems from time to time where it would go into a continuous dial up loop. Resolution depending on severity was by reset, power off/power on and in some cases only way was to take the battery out.

Also had an ICOM SSB on board, HAM operator cousin used this frequently when he was on board to talk to his mates, some days signal was very good, others patchy. Apparently we are in a bad period for atmospherics.

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