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Joining anchor chain

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Help please re: Anchor Chain. How do I add more chain? I currently have 50 metres of chain. At about 44m there is a rusty link. Yes there is only one that is rusty! I would like to cut that link and add some new chain. Any suggestions welcomed

Thanks in advance

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You need one of these.

http://www.chainsropesandanchors.co.nz/ ... ning-Links

You have to hold your mouth just right to get it together and then you use a Punch and Hammer and peen down the Pins. Some just use a Hammer, but a Punch works better because you don't damage the Galv on the rest of the Link. Make sure you get a good quality hammer link, such as from CRA, because there are cheap Chinese ones out there and you can't really tell.


Yes get rid of the one rusty link. The Galv will be slowly erroding away trying to protect that link.

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There are shackles designed to do just that??
No not a shackle. A Shackle will not go around a gypsy and the "eyes" that the Pin goes through will not fit through short link chain, unless you use a shackle about 5x smaller than the chain. The chain joining link is the best. It is the same Link size as the chain links, just as strong or even stronger and easy to fit.

For SST chains, I have Cut and TIG welded links. Galv chain is a problem though of course and it was that very issue that lead to my wee molten Galv accident a few years back. I thought that if I could re galv a link after having welded it, it could be a valid means of joining chain for someone.

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Pretty much as already said.


If you want the join to go thru a gypsy (the chain wheel on a winch) you need to use a joiner as a shackle will jamb and end in expensive tears. Sure some people will say they use shackles and have no problem but most of those are liers or just plain lucky.


There are good joining links and bad ones. We've never seen a Stainless one we would trust, besides why joining glv to galv using SS, it make no sense. We will only use 2 specific joiners being those made by Maggi or Crosby, both are marked well. There are many floating around that are limp and should be be being sold IMO but they are out there and it's up to the boater to decide what level of risk they can live with.


Also watch many places show good ones and use the good names but are selling shitters, sadly many don't even realise they are doing it.


Shackles - most are made in china now. Most aren't tested and are only whats called 'commercial' meaning they all look the same but can vary in loads by massive. We've seen some that look identical yet vary 500% in the loads. How can you tell the difference? Sadly most can't and often people like me who see 100s a day can't tell. Bit of a bugger really but that's what happens when you search for the lowest price. We've seen shackles we landed for 46c, then sold for 80c for sale in retail outlets for $14.95. The money is that good manufacturers outsiode of that area do struggle and most have just given up even trying and ceased manufacturing. Go the global village.

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Hehe, I took a look at some Chain joiners in a Shop we supplied and nearly fell over, knowing what our supply cost was. The retail price at this place was, I kid you knot, over $70 for a 10mm link. I think it was $69 for an 8mm link. I was stunned.

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