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Dismantling Nilsson V3000 Anchor winch

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Am replacing an old Nilsson V3000 anchor winch w capstan - some external winch parts not working as desired.


Before I give brass/bronze parts away for scrap, does anybody need parts for spare or repair?


And, how the feck do I separate the main shaft from the external deck plate? I've got all the externals off the shaft, so all I have externally now is the deck plate with the shaft through it. Bolts between deck plate and gearbox have been removed. But I can'g get the gearbox and shaft to drop out from the deck plate.


Should the gearbox drop off the shaft and the shaft lift out up through the deckplate, or should the shaft drop out down from the deck plate?


Can't see anything on the old drawings from Nilsson suggesting which way to do things.


I guess next step is to email Nilsson :-)

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got it apart


managed to separate the gearbox, which took the off centre weight off it, then a bit of persuasion and out it came


big hole in the foredeck, just in time for the rain :-)


bit munted really

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if you have not already bought a replacement, it would be worth checking with Grant Nilsson about refurbishing yours. The V3000 is way over built compared to anything on the market now. Grant can make up new bits and can also fit a reversible motor as well, as long as the gear box is in good shape. I have one as well, 25yrs old and only needed the motor looking at after all that time. The motors are a modified Lucas starter motor so are of course a bit of a weak link......

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