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The Yates Cup

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My impression from the previous posts is that it is to be a port hand rounding. In the "good old" it was always Barrier to starboard. Those days it was one of many similar races, this one sponsored by the Yates cousins who owned JUPITER and competed.

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I guess because if it's a south westerly it means little or no tacking and the "offshore" leg a reach. Quite exciting.



30% of crew must have current Advanced

Sea Survival training

Means we're out unless one/some of my crew want to front up with it. At 55 (clicking over during the race) I'm not about to do that for one race.

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luckily my main crew bob has stilll got an advanced sea survival cert.... we're still in.

might of even rebuilt the old/new rudder by then, the one we lost in the white island race 3 years ago..

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Anyone know about renewing an Advanced Sea cert? Ours are due to expire at the end of September.


G'Day - RAYC is just trying to sort out course dates as there has been a request for us to host a course before the Yates Cup. Will let you know.

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