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Celox recovery?

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Uh-oh - my thread has been hijacked as an advert for celox.....and, no, Celox is a classic Logan mullet boat that recently joined rainbow warrior up at the Cavalli's...


I do keep several packages of celox around the house, in the car and on the boat, and luckily have not had to use yet....only a matter of time.....

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Ok people time to show some respect.

Celox took a massive submarine nosedive whilst returning to Auckland in the 1930,s from memory with a father and son on board both whom perished tragically.

The idiot that ran Celox aground could in in no way be described as a experienced and competent seaman.

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Guest Ketchup

P. Who was disrespectful?...


Are we sure the guy that ran Celox aground was a idiot or just "very old"and ,maybe lost a few marbles.


Sure his past is very interesting but i think you would not care if he sunk a Markline 3000 or Jetski.


I think its cool that the olde Basdardo is out there doin it "old school style" in a classic boat.


Better that than the majority of the "old boat" owners whom either never use their boat or have it rotting in a shed.


Good on the older fella I say!


Love your passion though.

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